How best to wear mens denies

You will need
  • – jeans;
  • – label indicating clothing style;
  • – outerwear;
  • – shoes.

Along with jeans it is better to wear sports shoes, such as stylish sneakers. If you don’t like sneakers, you can wear shoes. Young people can safely wear even classically black shoes with jeans.


As for outerwear, combined with jeans, there will be a classic jacket and shirt, in addition, you can wear a tie. But then the jeans should be black. If you wear sports shoes with jeans, the top should consist of a regular T-shirt or some denim shirt. Never do on jeans a shooter in the middle of a bell, after all jeans are sportswear.


When buying denim, remember to look at the label. The signature jeans always denote the style. If the label says Boot – it means there’s country style denim men’s pants in front of you. If on the label the Baggy style label is a model of jeans with an understated waist and slightly baggy cover. Baggy style jeans are better bought several sizes larger.


For those men who prefer comfort, you need to choose jeans labeled Easy style. In such jeans it will be comfortable to sit, and they will not clamp down on movement. For young people it is better to pick jeans with the label Job style, as they have lots of pockets, and young people often and everywhere carry with them many different useful and useless little things.


If you prefer simple, wide jeans, Loose style jeans will suit you perfectly. Classic jeans models are created in the style of regular style. They have a straight cut and sit tight enough on their legs. Plus such jeans is that they have the ability to slim and profitably emphasize your figure. But there is also a minus of this kind of jeans – it’s that they clamp down a bit of movement.


Jeans thoroughly do not combine with cashmere coats. Mens jeans with sports-style sweater, leather jacket or windbreaker look great. If you wear a denim jacket with jeans, of course, not something terrible, but look such a variant of clothing will be solid and boring. Here are such interesting and extraordinary tips on wearing men’s jeans.

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