How and with what to wear denim vests

Styles denim vests

 1. Classic style resembles men’s clothing, it suggests a simple cut, the presence of a collar and standard length.

2. Short denim vest with U or V-neck with buttons – feminine model, it profitably highlights the neckline zone.

3. The short-sleeved denim vest is a good summer model to replace the jacket.

4. The waistcoat is suitable for daring fashionistas. It should be with a topical oblique zipper.

Color denim vest

For denim things blue and blue are favorites among the colors. Although not less popular is the black, white or brown denim vest. The white vest will be relevant in the summer season.

Stylish decor

Designers transform vests with original decorations. The fashionable youth option is a vest with fur. When creating a denim waistcoat for off-season, it is insulated from the inside with synthesapon or wool, the external decor is complemented by inserts made of leather or suede.

When creating stylish rock vests, rivets, spikes, metal buttons are used. Sheets are also often used for denim vests in rocker style.

Romantic ladies will suit a summer denim vest with lace. There are models in which I finish the whole back with lace. Designers complement such vests with decor made of beads, pearls, wooden beads, buttons.

For club parties suitable vest with stones, rhinestones, metal chains.

With what to wear a denim vest

denim vest and jeans are a classic of the genre. Wear a biker-style vest on top of a T-shirt or jersey. Slender girls can let you put a vest on a bare body – it looks stylish with short shorts.

When you combine several denim things at the same time – it’s better that they’re not in the same color shades – it looks too simple.

The short denim vest looks good with a long dress with a fine floral print. Romantic style can be complemented with beautiful hairpins, curly locos. And semi-men’s grunge shoes will balance the image.

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