How and why to brew denies

What you need to brew jeans

Don’t have to be a cook to brew jeans. There’s nothing to hunger here either. It’s all about the desire to give classics a unique pattern, to make your thing piece and, as is now fashionable, designer. The procedure is not new, “cooking” was popular in 70-80 years, young people knew a lot in this case.

Despite the great selection and rampage of various colors in denim clothing, people with unusual figure sizes are forced to settle for the same color, from light blue to solid blue. The methods of the past decades here as impossible by the way, everyone can boil down jeans, it is quite simple to do at home and not at all cost on finances. The main remains the presence of fantasy.

To cook jeans will need

any metal packaging, whether it is a bucket or a roomy pan. A glass of bleach (the amount depends on how much it is necessary to discolor the main color in the given places) and a dozen regular linen trailers (can be replaced with rubber bands). Additionally: necessarily the presence of curiosity and creativity – they are the main driving force of any experiments!

Jeans twist as if we squeeze out of them the residue of water manually, and in this position fix with the help of already voiced instruments. Pants can be boldly tied in knots, and in several places. The “twist” is denser, the fewer light patterns will be in the end and vice versa. At this stage creativity is only welcome: where you need to leave the color untouched – to twist stronger, where bleach needs to work more – “rope” of jeans to loosen.

The process

remained to fill the container with water and put on gas. About 5 minutes before boiling add the bleach and the already obtained solution stirring bring to the boil. The denim billet should be carefully placed in boiling water when all precautions are followed. You should cook no more than 15 minutes, all the while the jeans should be completely submerged!

Immediately after cooking, place the workpiece under cold water and, removing all clips, untying knots, rinse well. It remains to dry and assess the result. How strongly the noticeable light longitudinal and horizontal patterns will depend directly on the amount of bleach. Everything is learned only experimentally.

Important: if there are fears of spoiling the thing and insecurity in your abilities, you can try to weld old, already unnecessary jeans and see what and how on their example. In addition, cooking can give them a second breath, as well as extend the term of socks.

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