Fashion Manicure 2020

Fashion Trends Manicure 2020

1. Long live naturalness!

Fashionable this season natural beauty has spread to manicures. It is best to leave the nails briefly cropped, slightly rounded, oval or almond-shaped. Lacquer in this case is selected with pastel shades: pink, peach or beige. The latter is the most sought after. It is its warm hues that are used to create a nude-effect that has remained relevant for several recent seasons. Natural style is suitable for a wide variety of life situations: both for every day and in case of release.

2. Spotlight.

Amateurs to experiment with nails this season too allows to huddle. Stylish will look the nails painted in golden and crimson tones combined with black. If there is a desire, one can give a will of fantasy and replace a black or transparent base with a bright magenta or frosty blue. The unusual colour scheme will lift the mood on cloudy days, when autumn motley is gradually supplanted by stricter and colder images.

3. Evening image.

For fashionistas who prefer a discreet and modest style, translucent polish and french coating, which look perfectly on nails of any length. Those who are not accustomed to limiting themselves can be offered experiments with color. This season will be fashionable all shades imitating these or that metals. Here the main thing is not to twist and not roll towards frank tastelessness: a complex color solution involves a simple form.

4. Ombre.

Smooth transitions without sharp boundaries perfectly reflect the fashion trends of the coming season. For every day you can use delicate tones, and for evening or festive manicures, a riot of contrasting colors is permissible.

5. Winter lace.

When winter comes, frost patterns on the glass can be transferred to the nails as well. The basis does not have to be transparent. Why not use shades of blue, pink or even steel and silver? The pattern can be painted with a brush by the master or applied using stickers at home.

Going to the New Year’s party, it is possible to come off in full: unusual nail art, spectacular patterns, contrasting colors, french in unexpectedly bright gamut, matte or glossy gold coverage. Fashionable New Year’s manicure should be chic.

In any case, decorating your nails, the main thing is not to lose in pursuit of fashion trends yourself. After all, individuality is the liveliest trend that goes from one season to another without losing relevance.

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