Fashion for silver decorations

Silver jewelry

If you look at silver and gold products, it will become clear that more ideological jewelry among the silver ones. Jewelers portray with silver massive earrings with intricate curls, mysterious pendant symbols, large rings with semi-precious stones. It turns out that silver is suitable for individualists who want to stand out with unusual jewelry.

Silver and diamonds

Silver jewelry with diamonds is already as common a thing as gold jewelry with diamonds. Silver decorations with diamonds have a rather prized and ordinary theme – these are all national patterns, beautiful flowers, abstract figures made of shiny stones.

Jewelry “totemi”

Among the precious products stand out silver jewelry “totemi”. For example, earrings in the form of frogs that hold large pearls in their feet. It looks very stylish. Or the collection of “cat and mouse” – here rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets are made in a cute theme of eternal discord of mice and cats.

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