Characteristics of Lacoste brand style

Brand concept

All clothing, footwear and accessories produced by Lacoste brand has the highest quality. Since the release of the first collection, the company has gained itself a good reputation among consumers, so now the management of the firm considers it impossible to retreat from a given course. In this regard, the company has even established a department dedicated to quality control.

In addition, all bags, hats, belts, clothing, watches and shoes from Lacoste are tested for comfort. All these things are distinguished by simplicity and elegance of style. And during the development of new models, designers try to take into account the latest fashion trends.

Also most things from Lacoste are quite affordable. They are very liked by both progressive youth and older generations.

Characteristics of the brand

According to some fashion critics, Lacoste is primarily a style, and then a fashion brand. Initially, the brand produced clothing for athletes, so the authenticity of sports roots in it remains today.

At present, Lacoste clothing is a symbol of relaxed elegance and lightness. When creating clothes, designers use a solid fabric of bright, saturated colors. The main preference is for a simple cut and clear lines. The brand presents its collections as part of “Fashion Week” in New York.

In addition, most of Lacoste’s clothing, shoes and accessories are complemented by a brand emblem — a crocodile embroidered on the obverse with an open groove. This pattern symbolizes a dead grip.

One of the most popular things about the brand’s collections is a three-button polo T-shirt with an elbow sleeve and a turn-down collar. It is made of lightweight cotton fabric with combined weave. This material absorbs moisture perfectly, dries quickly, does not burn out or deform. This model is present in both female and male versions, and is available in different colors. One popular shade is “tennis white”.

In recent years, Lacoste’s team has often invited contemporary artists and designers to collaborate on capsule collections. The most interesting models were designed by Chinese artist Lae Xiaofeng, who hand-crafted women’s and men’s polo shirts from pieces of porcelain, and Osamu Tezuka, who painted clothes and shoes in style comics.

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