Chains, flowers and Sex and the Big City: what will this summer be associated with?


Sandals and mulee with square nose. If there are fans of the TV series “Sex and the City” among you, you will surely remember the series in which a fanatical women’s shoe salesman tries on Charlotte snow-white muels. That’s why we’re all lining up this summer. The square nose is a fashion signal, otherwise with the model can be experimented indefinitely. Color, material, height and shape of the heel are acceptable for every taste and preference.


Thick soled sandals. And here you can find these shoes in a dusty suitcase in the attic. Tall tankette returned to us from the 90s, for which many lovers of beauty and convenience will thank her very much. Such a model will not only make the silhouette more fragile, but also keep your ankles healthy. The squeakiest: wooden, with wicker inserts, and sports velcro sandals.


Floral print. Romantic, gentle and very fashionable. Miniature wildflowers, large pink buds, tropical flora and even picturesque botanical paintings are on trend. A very beautiful trend that requires careful approach: inept choices threaten you with turning into a flower bed. So gather a few authoritative opinions before buying.


Bermuda Shorts. Women’s elongated shorts are so-called bermudas, perhaps the most successful thing this summer. They differ in a variety of colors and shapes, suitable for any age and type of figure, and in addition fit perfectly into the wardrobe. In the right company, such shorts would be appropriate, both on a bike ride and at an office meeting.


Dress shirts with enviable regularity take top positions in fashion charts, and perhaps this model can already be categorized as basic. You can dwell on the classics that will last you not one year, and you can choose something extravagant with flounces or oversize style. In any variant, the dress shirt will be your versatile outfit this summer.


Jeans-slouchy. Slochy is an edakaya blend of mom jeans and bananas, only with a more extended silhouette. High fit, loose hips and tight bottom are the main features of this model. Stylists recommend wearing them with a cropped top, tucked up T-shirt or crop jacket. Such jeans profitably lengthen the legs, are able to disguise the tummy and when properly chosen shoes and accessories will suit absolutely any girl.


Volumetric sleeves. The volume in the sleeves is considered a trend no longer the first season, but this summer designers inflated it to maximum sizes. The very case where the bigger the better. The best investment in the image will be a blouse or top with voluminous sleeves, but if you have a dress or shirt, you can safely fashion them.


Chains. All sorts of chains and chains – the ultra-fashionable accessory of 2020. They replace earrings, bracelets, chokers and even straps of ladies’ handbags. The perfect detail of the summer wardrobe is a massive short chain with asymmetric rings. Get a pair of these accessories and mix confidently with everything in your closet.

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