What brand of watches is the most expensive in Russia

The most expensive watch as of 2014 is considered to be the jewelry line of 201-carat Chopard watches, which cost $25 million. The

201-carat Chopard

bracelet watches were released in 2008. The small dial is surrounded by three rather large multicolored heart diamonds totaling 38 carats, and the entire bracelet is studded with smaller 200 carat stones. It’s a true jewelry that’s hardly meant to define time. It combines all the extravagance and style that could be placed in such a seemingly simple commodity as a watch.

In the collections of the famous brand Chopard you can also find several lines of expensive watches, which are very popular despite the fabulous prices. Such include the happy line of Happy Diamonds, Happy Sport, Happy Animal World and many others.

Jewelry Empire

In addition to the creation of watches, this company became famous for the production of jewelry. Now the brand Chopard is referred to as the Jewelry Empire Chopard. The founder of this line was the daughter of the company’s second owner, Carolina Scheufele

The entire company of the Scheufele family specializes in the manufacture of luxury products, using the latest technology and all the accumulated experience of the past years. The decorations of this stamp can be seen on many celebrities walking the red carpet.

Clients of the Chopard empire include Madonna, Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz and other world stars.

Today, Chopard presents the world with another unique offering — the watch L.U.C 1963 anniversary chronometer. They are created in the classical style and have the highest quality mark “Geneva stamp”. The watch is produced in a small amount of 50 copies, and the cost of the gold model of this watch is closer to $40,000.

At the moment, there are more than 450 different models of Chopard watches and decorations worldwide. A year produces about 30 thousand different accessories of the famous company. Every year, watchmakers embody new and bolder solutions in their products, which finds even more resonance in the hearts of their customers, you can buy such watches at auction or in a brand store.

Russian brands

Competing with Chopard Russian manufacturers is difficult, there is no such factory or jewelry factory in the country, which is ready to offer the world its version of 201-carat Chopard, and the reason is not the lack of material, but the lack of an investor interested in it.

Popular in Russia, LouisMoiNet is known for having real shards of the moon in its watch.

In fact, the clockwork market of the country died in the revolutionary time of the beginning of the last century, today the watches of Russia are known under the brand “Lightning”, “Victory”, “Rocket”, “Slava”,” Seagull”, “Zarya”. We don’t have to talk about their extremely high cost.

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