Value and magical properties of pearles

Magic pearl stone pearl is a

stone of organic origin that is nurtured in the shell of special shellfish. Its base can be any sand or other substance that has gone inside the shell. The mollusk intensively begins to envelope its layer by layer of mother-of-pearl, protecting its dwelling. This is how pearls are born.

Astrology calls the pearls “the dark power of the moon.” Only very strong, strong-willed people who have the strength to resist the negative actions of the moon can wear it. It is not recommended to decorate yourself with a single ring with pearls.

If the wearer’s conscience with pearls is impure, his decoration will be dimmed.

Historians of antiquity described that the famous Cleopatra attached special importance to magic and drank the tincture of pearls dissolved in vinegar on a daily basis, as well as adorned their necks and wrists. So maybe this was the reason for her youth, beauty and strength?

The beauty of pearls is mesmerizing and beckoning. You can find a mass of famous and great admirers of this stone by taking a look at the photo of the Queen of Great Britain, Coco Chanel or Marilyn Monroe.

As a mascot pearls fit the zodiacal signs of Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius. He will help them find love, luck and family happiness. People with weak willpower to wear jewelry with this stone are discouraged. Pearl is able by his power to completely demoralize them.

Particular magical significance of the stone was given in antiquity by the Egyptians. Pearls emphasized the high status of its owner. Even after death, pearl ornaments accompanied their master in burials.

Peculiarities of pearl

Products with this stone it is customary to give for the thirtieth anniversary of the married couple’s life – for a pearl wedding It serves as the guardian of the family hearth, emphasizes wisdom and understanding of being.

Keep jewelry made of pearls is recommended separately from others in a velvet case or suede bag.

To refresh the gloss of mother-of-pearl, you can place the decoration in water with sea salt for a few hours. It is then gently wiped with a soft flannel rag. The

healing properties of pearls

The beneficial effect of pearl stone has on the liver, kidneys, blood pressure and gastric tract.
For healing purposes, pearl water is used. For this purpose, several pearls are placed in a glass of water overnight. This remedy helps with conjunctivitis, prevention of hemorrhoids and bleeding gums.

In case of heartache, you can hold a bead of natural pearls in your mouth. It’ll calm the pain a little bit.

By wearing a constantly pearl necklace or bracelet, their owner can control their well-being. Pearls have the property of dimming and even cracking at the ill health of their owner. They absorb all the negative energy, thus helping to relieve some emotional tension from the person. It is believed that a squalid dying stone can predict the nearest death to the host.

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