Most unusual watches in the world

Most complicated watch

This unit is not just able to specify time. The Aeternitas Mega 4 watch face contains as many as 19 arrows indicating hours and minutes, date, day of the week, time zone and even moon phases. The clock is equipped with a rehearsal, thanks to which can fight back every quarter of an hour, half an hour and a full hour. Also the accessory is equipped with a chronograph.

At a glance, it is difficult to understand a lot of arrows, but such a watch will undoubtedly attract universal attention. The product is covered in a white gold case and is equipped with a crocodile leather strap.

The Aeternitas Mega 4 was created for 6 years.

The most expensive watch

Wristwatch 201 Sarat is decorated with precious stones, the total weight of which is 201 carats. On the body of this precious watch is almost 900 diamonds – clear, yellow, pink and blue. In the center are three multicolored heart shaped diamonds.

Clocks wear more decorative than useful function – their tiny golden dial is virtually imperceptible in the thick of gems, and the numbers on it are not at all. The watch became the most expensive in the world – it cost $25,000,000.

Despite the abundance of jewels, many critics noted 201 Sarats among the most tasteless accessories.

Watch – virtual casino

One of the most unusual chronometers is called 21 Blackjack. Under the sapphire case lurks as many as three popular games – blackjack, roulette and dice. Miniature blackjack cards are located on the dial. It is enough to press a special button, and the clock will start acting as a virtual crourier The roulette wheel is hidden on the back of the case, and there is a pair of tiny bones on the side. Surprisingly, such functionality was embodied in classic mechanical watches. Another nice bonus – the watch is waterproof.


Chronometer Titanic DNA Tourbillon Vertical does not have a dial in the usual sense of the word. Its role is performed by 4 carriages, on which the values of hours, minutes and seconds are applied in a circle. The creation is enclosed in a transparent body, and on the side it is decorated with artificially aged iron plates with signs of rust. But what really makes this watch unique is their strap. According to the manufacturers, it is made of leather with furniture from the legendary Titanic.

Clock that does not show time

Unique creation Day&Night in general is difficult to call hours. This unit has a round dial, arrows and a strap, but it does not perform the main function of the clock – indicating time. Its dial is divided into only 2 parts – dark and light. One indicates the night and the second indicates the day. By the way, the case of an unusual accessory is also made of steel, previously owned by the plating of the Titanic. The watch is decorated with sapphires and has a crocodile leather strap.

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