How to wear glasses without problem


 History of glasses goes back many centuries. No one specifically knows who created them first. People’s vision problems have always existed. The phenomenon of this especially became relevant these days. Now many people have switched to wearing lenses, but also the need for glasses has not become less.


The most unpleasant time for those wearing glasses is winter. They are constantly fogged, which often annoys their host. That it doesn’t happen, there are good advice on this account.

  • It is necessary to wear glasses only in a case or, if possible, in a pocket, such as a coat. So they will freeze less.
  • Before leaving the house, you can use regular soap (no matter what). It is necessary to grate them lenses and wipe well with a soft cloth. The same can be done by applying shampoo or glycerin.


of glasses must be constantly cared for: clean, wash, wipe. At the same time, it should be remembered that you should treat the lens of glasses very carefully.

  • Wipe them with just a microfiber cloth.

  • Shampoo or dishwashing agent can be used for washing. In no case do not use remedies that contain alcohol, ammonia, vinegar or anything similar. It’s very damaging to lenses.
  • Do not take the habit of wiping the lens of glasses with a shirt, dress, handkerchief, sleeve, etc.
    • Many who wear glasses , like to use them as a rim. It should not be done. If you do that, it is necessary to unlearn. The frame from this is severely spoiled, deformed. The glasses start to fall, which is ruinous to them.

    In that case it’s better to take them off You can put a goggle drawstring on them to hang around your neck.

    • Another useful piece of advice. Often the glasses pops a buffoon. So, if it’s flown out, it can be put back. But there is no guarantee that the screwup will not fly again, and you will not lose it. To do so it does not happen it must be previously greased with glue “Moment” or similar to it. This way of securing screws at glasses works perfectly and tested by many of those who wear them

     Woman and glasses 

    If talking about women, for many of them glasses, for all other things, it is also a stylish accessory. That’s why they wear them. In this case, it is necessary not only to pick the right glasses, but also cosmetics to them. For example, if a lady in stylish glasses uses bright lipstick, you can no more apply anything from cosmetics.

    It should be noted that stylish ladies often use this attribute as an element of their image. They pick them up under clothes and shoes, under the color of hair and eyes. Thanks to this, they always look very stylish, and most importantly – whole.

    Conclusion. For those wearing glasses, they should by no means be a burden. Glasses are obliged to help the owner live fully, as well as decorate it, making it stylish, special and individual.

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