How to wear a portupea




Porto is a system of belts with buckles — shivers for fixation on the body and suspension mounts of different lengths for items carried on it, including field bags and gas masks. She is worn over her shoulder and at the hip. In the Russian army before the revolution, Portupea was called temlyak.


Portupei have different styles and are divided into upper and lower belts. Its main part is the belt belt, to which the suspensions are attached. They carry a saber or cortick, a holster with a gun, a flask of water, a bag of cartridges, a knife and a tablet. All these necessary equipment for a military man together weigh quite a lot, so wide shoulder straps are attached to the belt, allowing to tightly fix the portupea on the torso and hold the belt, so that it doesn’t fall.


Put on portupea needs on outerwear. In the summer in the Soviet Army, for example, it was worn on top of gymnasters, in winter – on top of half-fur coats. Belt and shoulder straps portupei are adjustable, given that seasonal outerwear can be thick enough. First, press your hands into shoulder straps that form hinges fixed to your belt, then fasten it. Customize the portupea on your figure, hang on the pendants and mounts everything you need. If the weight of suspended objects is felt enough, tighten the belt so that it does not slip down under the weight of the devices.


Some portupei have only one shoulder strap, which is worn by the naiscope. Such portupei were part of the uniforms of officers and privates of the Russian army in the 19th century, they were intended to wear tezaks.

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