How to make a stylish bag with your hands

Make a pattern of the bag. If you plan to sew a few pieces, draw a pattern on polyethylene so that the pattern turns out to be “reusable”. The bag can be assembled from seven parts. The base of the pattern is a rectangle. Its dimensions depend on how voluminous a bag you need. For example, you can draw a part 50 cm long and 30 cm wide. In this case, the height of the finished bag will be 20 cm, and the width of the bottom is 10 cm.

Draw the cover pattern. It can be made as a rectangle with 30 and 10 cm sides. If you want a more feminine model, the top corners of the rectangle can be rounded.

For the bags, cut two identical rectangles 20 cm high and 10 wide. Also draw loops to mount the handle on the sides of the bag — narrow strips about 5cm long. The same strip with sides 5 and 2 cm will be needed to clasp the bag.

Circulate the patterns of all parts by adding the perimeter to the 2 cm seams. Cut out all the pieces.

Pick up the fabric for the bag. If you don’t have a typewriter capable of stitching together tight material and skin, choose the fabric not very tight. Cut the same size a cut of a different color for lining. Place the first part on the fabric, attach on the perimeter with pins and circling. Remove the pattern and cut some of the material. Also consistently prepare the other parts of the top of the bag and lining.

Collect all the elements. Put the largest rectangular part of the top face on the “face” of the lining. Grow the parts around the perimeter, leaving the hole in the corner, then turn the workpiece. Seat the hole with a hidden seam by hand.

So do fold the blanks for the sides of the bag. On the eye, divide the short side of the rectangle in half and attach the knob hinges at that level. Grow and roll out the parts. Also handle the lid of the bag, on the center of its long side sewing a clasp.

Connect all the parts. Attach the lid to the base, then sizzle the sidewalls. On the front wall, place the buckle buckle, in the hinges on the sides, put the handle on the sides. It can be made of a thin strip of fabric by sewing small carbines along the edges.

By this pattern you can sew a fashionable clutch envelope. The dimensions of the parts in this case can be reduced, the sides removed, and the cover made triangular.

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