Fashionable summer 2020: how to use accessories to stand out in the drop




Panama. The avid dacnik and fashionista now combines this headdress. Panama for several seasons timidly made their way into the world of fashion and finally they can safely replace the tired hats. In America and Europe they are worn all-seasonally and even experimented with evening outfits. In ordinary life, stylists recommend wearing hats with romantic sundresses, tracksuits and beloved cajual beams.


Belts. If you want to stand out favorably in the crowd, then fashionable belts will help you in this as best as possible. Emphasize the waist — whatever you’re wearing. Corset belts, chain belts, -laces and waist bags are especially relevant this summer.


Chains. Massive chains are the main feature of the spring/summer collections 2020. The most chic is oversize chains and asymmetric models. But any other chain elements are welcome, too.


Soft bags. Bags, dumplings, croissants, shoppers – the choice is truly limitless. These accessories are not only fashionable, but also extremely functional. Their only disadvantage in comparison with the molds: interest in them much faster melts. But the next couple of seasons soft bags can confidently be walked.


Bags buckets. It’s like another “hello” with mom’s dacha. Designers’ fantasy stretches from microscopic models to imitating a real bucket. Such bags can be made of straw, plastic or leather. But it is better to choose universal colors and materials to brush with “bucket” all year round.


Mini bags. Babies still remain on trend. Surprising the variety of shapes and textures, such bags are not designed to accommodate everything you need, but to attract attention. But this summer designers thought about convenience, supplemented handbags with long straps and now they can be worn around the neck or on the shoulder.


Pearls. This year’s main trend. Everyone seemed to remember the best Chanel collections and rushed to realize them. Pearls are appropriate in necklaces, hairpins, bracelets, brooches and any kind of clothing decor.


Wide bracelets. Only one thing can be said about bracelets: they have to be large and massive. If you have enough strength and courage, you can not be trifled and put on one hand at once 5-6 copies.


Points on the chain. A wide variety of glasses is offered: colored lenses, fancy geometric shapes, oversize models, white frames, classic aviators. But the ideal fashionable option will be sunglasses on the chain, and then everything else doesn’t matter anymore.


Headscarves. This summer’s beautiful and feminine accessory has skewed from neck to head. Headscarves can be woven into braids, used as gum or made of them turbans. Fortunately, their rich range and affordable price does not limit the flight of fancy.


Elastic bands from the 90’s. Silicone invisible gum can be removed away: they were replaced by velvet and silk variants, which did not remove from hair in the 90s. Elastic bands this summer should attract attention just like decorations and straps. Tug their hair and decorate bundles – originality is only welcome.

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