Why a man walks away from a woman: 5 reasons


 How nice to live in affluence. Purchase expensive things, go for a weekend in Europe.

Does he make decent money? – Beautiful! But that’s not the criterion for choosing a chosen choice. It’s a material bonus to a sincere relationship.


‘t ask the guy about his family’s status, job positions on the first date. Mercantility is one of the main qualities of a woman repelling a man. The time will come, he will want to spend the blood earned on you himself. If, of course, he believes in your love.

Women’s self-interest is not just evident in finance. Solve the issue, settle the problem, fix it, bring it. Nobody likes it being used. Instead of feelings — an undisguised calculation. Such girls tend to stay at the broken trough.


Jealousy is a destructive feeling. She poisons the relationship. The derangements, the accusations, the scenes, the tantrums bring him out of himself. Especially since suspicions are mostly baseless. The reason lies in self-doubt, which, by the way, also annoys the man.

Don’t press, relax, let him be a man. Remember: the more inhibitions, the more temptations. Take care of yourself, find a liking class. Otherwise, he’ll freak out and leave to another.

Sex blackmail

Partners have different attitudes towards sex. A man just may or may not. A woman can always. And he finds it hard to understand that she is highly dependent on her emotional state. For him, intimacy is the concept of absolute and unconditional. So when he wants his favorite, refusing for the reason “you didn’t wash the dishes” puts him out of himself.

Don’t confuse intimate intimacy with domestic issues. Tell him of your displeasure, but only after. Imagine what he said to you, “I’m not carrying these suitcases because you haven’t stroked my shirt!” Your feelings? Resentment, powerlessness. Then you invite a porter.

Control and care

Why is it so late? What are you thinking? Total control will not be tolerated by any man. To be successful, you need to be free. Not from obligations, no: from fear of not pleasing your beloved. The need to make excuses all the time, explain either will turn it into a “rag” or make it run where eyes look. Who would want to come to a house where an interrogation with an addiction is waiting for you?

Excessive care also annoys the man. He doesn’t want to be a son for a woman he loves. At least at the beginning of the relationship. But if he has no choice, he will adopt such a model. The truth is likely to have a mistress with whom he realizes his masculine beginning.

Low self-esteem

Consider how often, when meeting an interesting man, you catch yourself thinking that you are unworthy of him. A man never doubts his irresistibility. If he’s interested in a girl, he doesn’t care what legs or hair she has. Until you say about it yourself: “Ninka has such a shevelure, I have three hairs!”

Feelings do not arise to the oval of the face and not to body weight. If a guy estimates the size of your breasts, then he has other plans for you.

A woman with understated self-esteem doesn’t motivate her partner. She either initially finds a worthless person or restrains the development of the strong, provoking him to aggression. In any case, such a relationship has no future.

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