Where you can meet first love

Cinema Cinema

is a very suitable place to meet, for example, standing in line for a ticket, you can meet a wealthy or just a beautiful man. Every acquaintance begins with a corny conversation. Therefore, any phrase can play a role, for example, if you can’t choose the film you decide to go to, you can talk to the next “neighbor” in turn about the choice of a particular genre. Plus, most young people come to the movies, the theater with their friends and acquaintances, not their soulmate. So don’t be afraid to talk to a stranger to you. After watching the movie, you can invite him to the restaurant or café to continue the acquaintance.

As a result of communication, you can go to the same movie together. In general, the cinema is the most popular place for acquaintance among young people.

Shopping center

As you know, the shopping center is a place of a large number of interesting people. Here they relax, go shopping and just have a nice time. There are a lot of young people here, so the chances of getting acquainted increase. At every corner you can spot a man, then walk up to him and talk on any subject.

If the shy overpowers you, you can drop any object before the “object” of sympathy, it itself will likely approach you to raise it and the first to start communication.


Park is probably the most romantic place to meet your first love. But unfortunately, if you never met, it will be hard. The place of parkland is suitable for brave girls who dream of finding adventure. In the event that you pass in the park and you liked the young man, you can pretend to have turned your leg up, you won’t be disappointed. A young man, if he’s gallant, will help you walk to the house.

Normal road

Road is also a very interesting place to meet the first love. Usually, the chance to meet a soulmate on the road is given to those who have their own car. An unpretentious way to get acquainted is to arrange an “emergency” situation. It should be noticed that men can help on the road by offering their help. Don

‘t forget that happiness should be sought, not sitting in the same place and hanging in the clouds! Try to go outside and make a modicum of effort. And only then you will successfully get to know an interesting person. The best helper when meeting the second half is female artifice, resourcefulness and boldness.

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