Where best to know


Sometimes queues are too long. If you have a young man standing in line for a ticket to a movie or theater – it’s a reason to talk to him. Many gentlemen go to the movies without their soulmate. Try wondering which movie is worth watching, and it’s possible that the guy will suggest you sit down next to. It is only left after the session to exchange phone numbers, and then events will develop only depending on you.


Oddly enough, but the mall has a huge number of bachelors. To attract their attention will not be a huge difficulty, you only need to ask advice when trying on a new dress or drop the phone to the feet of the future elect.


In the park sometimes prefer to get acquainted with the most extreme girls. After all, it is very likely that you will come across another alphonse or a simple addict. Before you have a conversation with another candidate, carefully study every detail on his clothes and manner of moving, it will help you make the right choice.


Many amateur women claim that it is easiest to make acquaintance in car services or tire fittings. It is unlikely the real man will refuse the fragile girl in the request on repair of the car.

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