What to give a girl on a first date


The first thing that comes to a man’s mind when thinking about an attention sign on a date is flowers. And it should be noted that the option is really a win-win. The cavalier, who came to a meeting with a bouquet or even one rose, is sure to cause the girl pleasant emotions. But you don’t need to think that any flowers here will come up by the way. First, you should not buy bouquets with lots of jewelry, ribbons, bows and other tinsel. As a rule, such compositions look rather vulgar and joy in girls do not cause. If you do not know about the tastes of your choice, it is better to make a universal gift in the form of roses in red or pink color.

Don’t buy flowers mindlessly. Before you make a choice, think about what the girl will do with your gift. Okay, if you go to visit and the bouquet she can immediately put in a vase, but what to do with it while walking in the park? Today, many flower shops offer to place the bouquet immediately in a special plastic container with water – this option will save you when you go to a restaurant or a nightclub. And so that the girl doesn’t drag on herself besides a bouquet and a bucket with water, give her a flowering plant in a pot. It’s definitely going to be remembered!

A gift with meaning

Ring with brillant on the first date is not necessary to give. No, of course, if you really want and opportunities allow you, you can do it, but the girl such a gift will put in an awkward position. Keep in mind that the purpose of the gift when meeting is to pay attention to yourself and leave at the lady something that will remind you of you after. Bring with you a beautiful shell, a rare coin or some unusual item. Girls appreciate originality, so don’t buy souvenirs at the subway crossing or stalls with newspapers. Remember, it is better to let the gift be inexpensive and small, but from a pure heart.


Soft toy, given at a meeting, the girl is likely to like. But here it’s important not to get the choice wrong. Don’t buy faceless cheap bunnies and bears with which all discount stores are clogged – such a gift will speak of bad taste and indifference to the girl. If you decide to give something, let this thing underline your attitude towards the girl. Teddy bears with hearts and any other soft toys that really cause positive emotions are always popular. Choosing such a gift, you can ask the opinion of the seller or the girls standing in the store nearby.

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