What men can you meet on dating sites

Unpromising dating

The first type of men – confident macho. They are quite rare, but are what the absolute majority of men aspire to. Macho have a whole bouquet of qualities that so attract women — generosity, beauty, masculinity, charm… Unfortunately, macho on dating sites are most often fake. They pretend that they are ready to throw the world at your feet, even though in fact they don’t always have enough money for a living. Most likely, macho from a dating site in real life is very far from a similar image. So you have to be alert with this type.

Donjuans, of which there are so many on dating websites, are both a gift and a curse for women. They are fickle, afraid of commitment, easily change attachments. Typically, relationships with them end when conversations about marriage begin. So this type will suit those who want beautiful and romantic but short-lived relationships. Donjuans are usually good lovers and just charming people. Trying to keep such a person near yourself is to condemn yourself to constant quarrels. After all, the Donjouans do not cheat on their women, it is just such an impermanent lifestyle.

Wisely choose your photos for a dating site. It is best to do a professional photo shoot specifically for these purposes.

Collectors are failed donjuans. For collectors, the number of women won is important. They don’t care what women think of them. Collectors’ lives are set up like clockwork. They have everything. Women such people need as self-affirmation. “I’ve had a hundred women, so I’m a hundred times male” – roughly the way collectors reason. They live easily and elegantly, usually they work out.

Promising dating

Payinka is the ideal type of men for a domestic woman in thirty. Pajinki become excellent average husbands. Work steadily, other women are not looked at, life is satisfied. Payinka can be calculated from photos on the dating site. Most often these are strict, official photos in office clothes, you can find photos with your favorite pet, it is very rare to find photos surrounded by women, and if they are present, they are a little girl. as separate from the female collective, his view never reads “see what flower bed I am in”.

Provide the most truthful information in your questionnaire. Of course, it’s not worth “pulling out dirty laundry.” But also don’t hide your real age. Might turn out uncomfortable.

The man is a deteriorated version of the painka. Similar men could become excellent husbands and fathers, but lack of character, undeveloped self-opinion and other factors most often cause this type to sleep easily. The first date with a man can turn out to be quite interesting, though, in the course it can turn out that your cavalier never has money, huge problems with women and a complete failure in life. So it turns out that it is the man who has every chance to find herself a pitiful Russian woman and marry.

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