What a man dreams

1. Threesome sex. Many men dream of having at least three of them in bed. But everyone wants different ways, that is to say that the third was either a man or a woman.

2. Peeping. This is a special category of male desires. A lot of people would like to look after the girl while she thinks no one sees her. See her caressing herself or taking a bath.

3. Pornofilm participation. Not all men feel like porn heroes, but happily would like to make their own porn film, where the main character will be him.

4. Sex with lesbians. Any man would not refuse to make love to two girls who passionately fondle each other.

5. Coercion. Statistically, only 15 per cent of men in rough sex coerce a woman and 37 per cent of men want to be subservient by their overbearing missus.

6. Anal sex. Only 10% of men want them as a passive character, it is not homosexual inclinations, just with such caresses a man gets a very rich, full of bright colors orgasm.

7. Extreme sex. Some men are attracted to sex not at home in bed, but in public places such as: cinema, park, stairwell and so on.

That’s just a small part of what a man wants. But the question is another – how to know what exactly your man wants? Trying to draw torture and interrogation out of it is not a way out of the position. Better to try to watch him when watching a porn movie or share his secret about a sexual dream with him, and the answer won’t wait long!

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