Things to do at home in self-isolation: 40 ideas for the whole family

Things to do at home adult

  1. Sleep. Quarantine is a great reason to sleep. Even if you need to work from home, you won’t spend time on fees and road to work. Let yourself sleep a little longer than usual.
  2. Play sports every day. For active life it is not necessary to buy a season ticket to the gym – now it is enough to download the app with online training or subscribe to the channel of a good fitness trainer. Choose the most convenient way for yourself and start training.
  3. Learn a new skill (or even a new profession). Many online schools have opened free access to their courses – this is not only a reason to gain new knowledge, but also a good cost of learning.
  4. Read the book. If you have a long time dusting on the shelf an unread book, or an e-book is overflowing with downloaded works, now the best reason to start reading them.
  5. Cook a new dish. Be inspired by cooking videos and books – prepare a real culinary masterpiece that will please you and your family.
  6. Take up yoga and meditation. Get your nerves and mental health in order, devoting at least 10-15 minutes a day to silence, calm and meditation.
  7. Review your wardrobe. Many of us have not left the house since the days when it was still cold, but the weather quarantine is not a hindrance – every day it gets warmer. Take away the winter stuff and put your summer wardrobe in order.
  8. Make money on the internet. You can, for example, write an article, post a review of the product, offer your services on the exchange of freelance. Finding substitution on the Internet is easier than it seems at first glance.
  9. Have a home picnic on the balcony. We need air, but do not break the rules of isolation – you can temporarily enjoy the fresh air, going to the balcony, and even have a real picnic there!
  10. Get into creativity. If you’ve always felt like an inner artist, a musician, a poet — then it’s the time to give him the will. Write, draw and compose – especially as right in front of us unfolds a great plot for a documentary book, atmospheric picture or inspirational song.

Things to do at home to a teenager

  1. Pass psychological tests. Self-isolation is a great reason to spend time with yourself and get to know yourself. Pass the tests of known psychologists, start to better understand yourself and the peculiarities of your character, pass a career guidance test — it can help very much in life.
  2. Learn tricks. Any tricks, whether it’s card tricks or coin manipulation, is a great entertainment that will help pass the time in quarantine, and then surprise all friends when you can finally meet with them live.
  3. See stand-up. Cheer up — watch the performances of the best Russian and foreign comedians.
  4. Start learning a foreign language. One effective way to learn someone else’s language is to watch your favorite TV series and read books without translation. In addition, now there are many applications that will help you learn new vocabulary and even pick up a training program specifically for you.
  5. Take an online course. You can take courses such as soft skills, art courses or real programs for the development of a profession — the choice is yours, but any of these options will help you to spend your time.
  6. Learn a new dance. Even if you’ve never danced — try it! Watch the training videos. Dancing boosts the mood and puts the body in order, so it’s worth a try.
  7. Learn to cook. During quarantine it became harder for adults to cook, because the whole family spends all day at home, and accordingly, food goes much faster than usual. Help your parents – ask them to rest and try cooking dinner yourself.
  8. Meet friends “online”. Of course, everyone misses without their friends, but there is a way out — video chats. They will not replace live communication, but they are a great alternative for the duration of quarantine.
  9. Visit museums remotely. Many foreign and domestic museums have “opened doors” to online visitors – take time to high art!
  10. Try spending a day without a phone. It’s a difficult but fascinating challenge to yourself — not to take your phone for at least one day. Spend time with your parents, read, meet the sunset — even the apartment has plenty of classes for which you don’t need a phone.

Things to do at home with children

  1. Arrange a day of cartoons. Include your child’s favorite cartoons, and then discuss with him what he liked, remembered what characters were in the cartoon, etc.
  2. Learn new words. If the ABC has long passed and the child is old enough, it is possible, for example, to teach the capitals of the countries of the world.
  3. Grow sugar crystals. With the help of sugar, water, sticks and food dye, you can create stunning crystals — try it!
  4. Cook a slime. Children love slims, and exciting not only the process of play, but also the preparation itself – get all the necessary ingredients and create multicolored slides with the child.
  5. Conduct simple experiments. For example, make a lava lamp (from water, vegetable oil and dyes) or make a volcano (mixing soda and vinegar in a tank with a narrow neck) — you can find lots of fun experiments on the Internet.
  6. Visit online dolphinarium or zoo. Like museums, many zoos and dolphinariums have opened online broadcasts — you can live to watch your favorite animals.
  7. Make a figure out of salted dough. Salted dough is an excellent alternative to plasticine. From it you can sculpt anything, dry and paint – such a figurine will decorate your apartment for many years.
  8. Build a house of chairs and blankets. The fun that many children adore is to muster your own house!
  9. Weave a feneck. Such an occupation as braiding fenecks, perfectly develops fine motor skills – get multicolored threads and show the child simple nodules – let it make itself a bright bracelet.
  10. Learn a verse. Don’t forget to develop the child, his memory and speech – teach him new poems and songs.

Things to do at hometo the whole family

  1. Play board games. Monopoly, jenga, card games – give them a few evenings during quarantine.
  2. Schedule a vacation. Although now it is impossible to go anywhere, but you can plan a vacation, to which the whole family will go after the isolation regime is completed.
  3. See a family movie. You can even arrange a whole movie day and review your favorite movies and TV series from morning to evening.
  4. Have a home photo shoot. Make a photo corner and arrange a photo shoot right at home! If it is not possible to do it yourself, then ask for the help of remote photographers – many of them in the conditions of isolation moved to shooting “online”, which is conducted by video chat.
  5. Smasterize the puppet theater. Make your own toys, a scene and arrange a performance! Let all family members actively participate in the creation of characters and the performance itself.
  6. Cook cookies. The main work, of course, will fall on the shoulders of one of the adult family members, but you can spend fun painting cookies with icing together with children.
  7. Have a general cleaning. This activity is not generally considered fun, but it is definitely worth doing spring cleaning, especially since now there is more time for it.
  8. Make the house cosier. After cleaning, you can think about how to make the house even more cozy — maybe hang new curtains?
  9. Make a family photo album. If the photos fail to print, you can make the basis for the album in scrapbooking technique and select the best family photos you will print after the quarantine is complete.
  10. Collect puzzles. If you have a large uncollected puzzle in your closet for a long time — collect it.

Self-isolation is a period in which you can devote time to something you haven’t reached your hands for a long time. Engage in what’s good for your mental and physical health. Follow the quarantine and hygiene rules, and of course don’t get sick!

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