Steel wedding: tips and recommendations

 What associations does each of us have a wedding? Happiness, love, holiday, celebration, delight, rings – you can continue this list of words for a very long time. The wedding is an event that is remembered for a lifetime, this celebration is told by children and grandchildren with viewing photos and videos. A wonderful tradition in families is to celebrate wedding anniversaries throughout their life together. 11 years together. Behind is a tough first decade of marriage. By this time the family life is settled, the house is built, the children are born, the work is stable. Spouses already know well who has what tastes and addictions. The family is sturdy, as strong as steel, so the anniversary of the 11th anniversary is called a steel wedding.

Interesting traditions

1. It was believed that the couple on their 11th wedding anniversary should undergo a purification ritual. In summer it was necessary to spend ablution in the river or in the lake, winter-in-bath. Believed that water washed away all bad things in the family life together, husband and wife appear before each other in white clothes, which symbolizes the purity of their thoughts. The couple were then offered three things to choose from: dough, rope and blade. If a couple chooses a dough, then their relationship is not yet so strong and thorough; if the rope — feelings have not passed the test of time; the blade symbolizes that the marriage is fastened and unbreakable.

2. 11 years of joint life celebrate noisily and solemnly, invite many guests, on the table a variety of dishes and drinks. The husband gives his wife 11 flowers. If the bouquet stands after the festivities for 11 days, then the spouses will live in peace and harmony in the future.

3. On the morning, on the day of the steel wedding, the husband above the entrance house nails the horseshoe, the wife serves nails, holds the hammer. Horseshoe is a symbol of happiness, good luck and prosperity in the family.

Gifts for a steel wedding


wife can give her husband equipment for fishing or hunting (lantern, flask, thermos), good wine, wristwatch. The husband can please the spouse with steel color decoration (earrings, chain, ring, brooch), appliances (kettle, hairdryer), dishes (service, vase). There could be joke gifts too. For example, name T-shirts or mugs, maybe pillows with photos of the perpetrators of the celebration or some humorous picture on the theme of the holiday.

What to give guests?

The main principle that the guests are guided is: the gift must be either of steel or steel color.

1. Tableware from small to large utensils (spoons, forks, saucepan, pan)

2. Household appliances (coffee maker, toaster, iron, juicer, waffler)

3. Decor elements (lamp, chandelier, photo frame, flower pot, painting)

4. Creative gifts: collage with photo, friendly charge, presentation with photos of each year of family life, calendar of memorable dates.

Ideas for the holiday

Usually on a wedding anniversary invite only relatives, but no one prevents to celebrate in the wider circle. The interior design should be guided by steel color, which can be diluted with a golden or emerald shade. Balloons, for example, can be emerald, tablecloth – gray, tableware, appliances too steel color, and napkins – yellow or orange color. Guests can be warned in advance that their clothes must necessarily be traced to steel color.

A steel wedding is a wonderful occasion for the couple to make sure that the family has passed the test of time, that there are many, many years of happy life together ahead.

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