So what is it – sex drive? It represents the secret desires of a person that are related to sex. Testosterone is responsible for this in both men and women. The more in the body, the sex drive will be stronger. But still sex life is affected by the state of the psyche, as well as social experience.

Male sexual attraction

This attraction is much stronger than female, depends largely on temperament. At 25 years old men have maximum testosterone production, there is sexual irrepressibility. At 35 – intercourse lengthens. In 45 – the level of hormonal production is lowered. In males, “climax” has several stages: the early stage is up to 40 years, the middle is 40-60, the late stage is past 60.

Incidentally, psychologists have noticed that men choose a fragrance partner. For current men, the most important thing is not the fragrance of “Chanel” but the natural aroma of the body. So ladies should take a note – what you eat shapes your body scent.

Female sexual attraction

Female libido is affected by sex hormones, adrenal hormones, thyroid gland. Prolactin plays an important role in the formation of sexual attraction. Libido levels decrease if prolactin levels rise. This can often be observed during lactation or if the lady uses psychotropic drugs.

Excitability in women below male, that’s why they need sexual foreplay.

Ways to enhance sexual

attraction Seeds and nuts. Sexologists advise to eat almonds, pumpkin seeds. They contain a lot of arginine (an amino acid that enhances blood flow to the genitals).

Playing sports. Exercise, too, will help boost sexual attraction. Including it is worth taking a note of training intimate muscles using the Kegel method.

Chocolate viagra. The chocolate contains phenylethylamine, it will help to awaken passion in both the guy and the girl.

Intimate prohibition. Everyone knows that the forbidden fruit is sweet. Married couples just forget that. So if you have problems in bed, it’s worth abstaining from sex to rekindle the attraction!

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