Property division: what men ask for in divorce

Guys calling respect

Nowadays divorce won’t surprise anyone. Some people manage several times in a lifetime of “stepping on the same rake”. And well, if there is nothing to share, but it is more often the other way around. So what do men most often ask for in divorce? And this question is helped to answer the data of the sociological survey. And the first place in it is the car. Men are not even so worried about housing, than they are afraid to lose their vehicle. Well, that might have noble intentions as well. When divorced, the couple often already have children, and they usually stay with the wife. Therefore, the apartment is left to them. And themselves can leave to build their life from scratch, having taken at the same time only the car. Well, don’t leave your ex!

The man who at divorce took only the car, leaving the wife the apartment, and all jointly acquired property causes respect.

What other men ask in divorce

Some men ask when divorcing children. And it cannot be unequivocally commented, the situations are different. Of course, kids feel bad when parents even fight, let alone divorce. But sometimes parents are really better off living apart. So who should children stay with? In Russia it is customary to leave children with their mother. And many will say it’s the right thing to do, because children, in the first place, need maternal care and weasel. But not for nothing, in order for the child to come to light it is necessary to “participate” both men and women. So why should the father be content with the fate of “Sunday Dad”? It is not about those fathers who are happy to put the burden of upbringing on a former spouse, but they build their lives from a clean slate. And if the father really loves his children very much and wants to take an active part in their lives? There can be no unambiguous answer to this question, people decide it on their own based on their awareness, established relationships and ability to make compromises.

There are families where fathers are raising children and women are pursuing their careers.

Not too original men in divorce want to take their money. Reasons why a man can ask for money in the division of property an uncountable amount. Do not even list them, because in what only financial debries can create a family trail. And there will be a lot of costs after the divorce. Perhaps the ex-husband wants to buy himself a new home and change his phone number so the past can’t break into his new life.

There is also a category of men who, when divorced, constantly ask for an apartment. Usually, for such men there is no special respect, but in life anything can be. Of course, if the man at the same time just kicks the ex-wife out on the street, and also with the child on his hands, excuses it is almost impossible to find. But if he asks for a part of the apartment the couple bought jointly, there’s nothing zealous here. Especially if the spouses are already aged and the man understands that he is unable to buy himself new housing.

Well, the last thing men ask for divorce is forgiveness…

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