Not steam: signs of beginning cooling feels

Hero is not your novel

Normally when a woman is alone, bad when she is alone, but lives with a man. Indeed, no one wants to be single. But it happens that the relationship no longer brings pleasure, they have survived themselves. It’s very scary to live life with the wrong person.

How to understand that feelings have cooled

How to understand that your feelings are in a cooling stage? Probably should listen to your own inner voice in the first place. If you catch yourself on the idea that you don’t wait for his call, don’t rush home, rejoice if your favorite is absent — these are the first calls that not everything is so smooth in the relationship.

Usually a certain apathy ensues. I don’t want to surprise, come up with surprises, create pleasant moments, no matter how active a person you are.


chain reaction should be remembered. If you do nothing for this relationship, usually, the man also chills and stops taking initiative. You can meet, live together, maintain a common household, but relationships are a habit for you.

Break up or fight?

This is a very important question that you have to answer yourself honestly. For starters, try to shake a little. Perhaps a change of environment will help. Away from each other you will understand the place that person occupies in your life, whether it is easy for you without it. You can try to heat up the relationship by starting to show the initiative yourself. Try trite methods – not to get dirty, not to be submerged, not to control. Prepare your favorite dish, please the man. Show ingenuity in bed.

Perhaps you’ll only need a couple of romantic evenings, and love and trepidation will return to the relationship.
It works well together and in general any bright positive impressions received together.

But what if none of the above helps? You need to show wisdom. Perhaps this is a temporary crisis and things may soon change. And perhaps, regrettably, your relationship has outlived itself. This is often the case when one of the pair sort outgrows the other — achieves something more in the career, or vice versa, has some problems that depress him. As a consequence, lovers are distanced from each other, their interests and life values change.

Before you break off the relationship, it’s good to think if you’ll then regret it. But if you have firmly decided that the wrong person is next to you — don’t hold it. Make room for your happiness.

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