Love Story by Natalie Portman and Benjamin Milpie


relationship developed so quickly that the media didn’t have time to alert the actress’s fans. They met, loved each other, decided to build a strong and stable relationship, played a wedding.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Milpier’s love relationship delights in its durability and stability. Especially when compared to novels by other celebrities.

History of popular actress

Natalie Portman’s birthplace is Israel. June 9, 1981 — date of birth of the famous actress. When the girl turned three, the parents made the decision to move to America. Natalie’s father decided to upgrade his qualifications to get a good position.

The family lived in Washington for several months. Then decided to move to Long Island. But also in this city did not hold up. The family went to France. Natalie began attending a dance school and a theater circle. It was in France that she made her debut on set. The first film brought her a huge success. Natalie Portman starred in the motion picture “Leon” alongside acclaimed actor Jean Renault. On the set she worked under the surname of her grandmother. The real name is Natalie Herschlag.

However, the girl did not dream of becoming an actress. She was treated like a craze. In the first place she had science, learning. But the role of Princess Amidala convinced her she should become an actress. However, Natalie’s science did not abandon. Actresses is a chartered specialist in psychology, an active member of PETA.

The film picture “Black Swan” brought the girl not only a long-awaited statuette (Oscar), but also an acquaintance with Benjamin Milpier.

The story of the famous choreographer

on June 10, 1977 is Benjamin Milpier’s birth date. It came to light in the city of Bordeaux. His parents did ballet. Therefore, there is nothing strange that Benjamin has decided to connect his life with this sphere.

He received his education at the Conservatoire de Lyon. It took about 10 years to study. Benjamin then enrolled in American Ballet School. And a few years later, a talented man stood in charge of the Ballet Center. In parallel with his work at the center, he performed in the company of the City Ballet.

When Benjamin was offered a job in the film industry, he immediately agreed. He starred in several episodic roles, appeared in several commercials (musical and promotional).

The offer, which Benjamin Milpier received in 2009, became fateful for him. He was invited to star in the motion picture “Black Swan”. In this project, he was also given the position of choreographer of production. Well, also met his future spouse — Natalie Portman.


relationship story

tackled Benjamin literally at first sight. He knew immediately that she was his Destiny. For Natalie’s sake, Benjamin instantly broke off a relationship with dancer Isabella Boylston. That being said, he didn’t even guess whether the feelings were mutual or not.

Natalie noticed Benjamin right away. He attracted her by trying to live the full life, not just ballet. Benjamin was completely committed. But at the same time he did not forget about other spheres of life.

Very soon they often began to be seen with each other. They enjoyed a time together. It was visible to the naked gaze. The engagement star couple reported in 2010. A few months later, the son Alef came to light. The wedding took place years later. Only the closest people were invited to the gala event.

After her son appeared, Natalie stopped actively acting in movies. She prefers to spend most of her time with loved ones. The services of nannies are strongly refused. Natalie admitted more than once that she was incapable of entrusting her son to an unknown man.

Totally Natalie didn’t refuse filming. When the girl is busy on set, the father spends time with her son. It’s not uncommon for them to come to their mom to work.

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