Is it possible to have anal sex during pregnancy

When there is a desire to diversify one’s intimate life, anal sex turns out to be a good option. But the case may be different if a pregnant woman is involved.

Possible complications

Due to the fact that the size of blood vessels increases, the body of the expectant mother is more susceptible to constipation and hemorrhoids. This circumstance must be taken into account before sexual contact begins. Anal intercourse is fraught with inflammation of the pregnant anus, ruptures, bleeding and even premature birth. If pain in the back aisle or rectal bleeding is disturbed, it is more reasonable to refuse this type of sex.

Arguments for anal sex

If there are no contraindications, such pleasure should not be denied. During pregnancy, sensations escalate. The woman is able to experience such a strong and bright orgasm, which was never felt before.

According to qualified sexologists, the rectum is the most erogenous zone. During fetal weaning, the sensitivity of nerve endings increases. The tissues become much more elastic. Painful sensations are kept to a minimum.

What poses to prefer?

The main thing to consider is the comfort of a pregnant woman. The location in which she should lie on her stomach is not worth using. Usually expectant mums give their preference to poses on the side. Thus, the possibility of maximum convenient penetration is created, the uterus is in minimal tone.

When engaging in anal sex, lubricants should be used. It is better to buy such, based on glycerol and natural substances. Colorless lubricants are generally considered the safest for the body.

Is anal sex harmful to a child?

The baby, located in the belly of the expectant mother, is securely protected by a dense muscular wall of the uterus, a mucous cork and an amniotic bubble. Near fruit waters extinguish any fluctuations. So about the unpleasant sensations of the baby you can not worry – he won’t feel anything.

Recommendations of doctors

If the expectant mother already has experience of similar sexual relations, during pregnancy they will be tolerated easier and more pleasant. Otherwise, it is better to give up this way of having fun before the end of the rehabilitation postpartum period.

Basically anal sex while taking out the baby is safe. But before you do it, you need to get a doctor’s consultation. And even if contraindications don’t turn out, it’s best not to abuse them.

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