Is it possible to contract gonorrhea with oral sex

What is gonorrhea and how does it manifest?

Gonorrhea is an infectious disease of the genitourinary system caused by gonococci and sexually transmitted. In women, the disease is expressed by symptoms such as: pain at the bottom of the abdomen and puffiness of the external genitalia, irregular menstruation and appearance of purulent secretions from the vagina between menstruation, rising body temperature and soreness in urination and intercourse.

Infected men increase calls to urination, it becomes painful and accompanied by burning. The opening of the urinary canal blushes and swells, and purulent secretions emerge from it. Thus, the signs of gonorrhea in both sexes are virtually the same.

Can gonorrhea develop after oral sex?

By the concept of “oral sex” means the weasels of the genitals and the anus of the partner’s tongue, lips and mouth. Cunnilingus means oral weasels of female genitalia, blowjob means masculine.

Some specialists recommend that you avoid brushing your teeth before oral sex, because of this hygienic procedure, abrasions can appear in your mouth and scratches through which infection is possible.

Its merits include the inability to damage the hymen in girls and the lack of risk of becoming pregnant. But with oral sex performed with a little-familiar partner, there is the same risk of contracting venereal disease as with vaginal and anal contact.

This is explained by the fact that in the oral cavity of the active partner there are foreign genital fluids (semen or vaginal secretions), which may contain gonococcus. And you can get infected during oral sex not only gonorrhea, but also syphilis, chlamydia, HIV and even hepatitis in all its forms.

Of course, the risk of oral infection is not as great as with other forms of sexual communication, but it still exists. If the genitals, the oral cavity, or the lips of cuts and sores, the risk increases.

How do I know if gonorrhea was transmitted after a blowjob or cunnilingus?

Gonorrhea obtained after oral sex is often asymptomatic and detected by special tests.

Genital herpes, obtained after oral sex, is manifested by a cold on the lips. Conversely, common cold rashes on the lips can be a source of genital infection.

However, some signs may be expressed in the presence of the following abnormalities:
– sore throat
– any pathological changes on the lips or in the oral cavity; $
– Signs of hepatitis in the absence of liver problems.

To prevent an unpleasant and serious disease such as gonorrhea, oral sex should only be performed with a condom (male or female). Spermicide lubrication is not used for this purpose.

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