How to talk soul

Make contact with the interlocutor. He must feel that this conversation is important to you. Take care in advance that the environment is comfortable: make a meeting in a cozy, not crowded place. Starting a conversation, take your time and don’t interrupt the person. Even if it goes around yes about, hesitant to get to the point, don’t set it up. We have to wait patiently for the moment when a person becomes undivided and dares to tell about what he cares about. In the first stage, just give in, do not distract on the phone and do not look with a dull view on the sides, do not try to sum up a friend’s monologue with phrases like “in general…”, “shorter…”, etc.

Show your interviewee that you understand him. This “effect” is created very simply. It is enough to repeat the key points of the story, as if referring briefly to the main “talking points”. Don’t mindlessly copy phrases. Instead, it is enough to retell in your own words those points of conversation that seem to you the most emotional and important to your interlocutor.

Once a person confides to you their experiences and fully speaks out, it is possible to participate more actively in the dialogue. It is interest in the situation that will help make the conversation heartwarming Ask a friend clarifying questions if something seemed incomprehensible to you. So you will help him understand the problem, because the exact wording is already 50 percent of success.

Share your thoughts on the topic with the interlocutor. It is important to tell about emotions first, and only after that go to a rational assessment of the situation. If you happen to have similar stories, tell about them – so you will not only share useful experiences, but also show that you really understand the interlocutor.

If a person asked you for this, give him some tips, try with him to make an optimal decision. However, it may turn out that soul-talking was needed only to lash out emotions. Then it’s better not to make recommendations, but just listen to the person and share their experiences.

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