How to survive the crisis of five years in children

By the age of five, the child has mastered speech and communicates well enough. The kid watches the lives of adults and tries to emulate his parents. Favorite phrase becomes: “I myself.” However, 5 year old children cannot be treated fully to adults. Contradictions of reality and desire explain the onset of crisis.

Signs of a problem

Due to disappointments the baby becomes angry, becomes unbalanced and aggressive. It is not always possible for the child to communicate with peers, although the kid himself tends to do it. Quite a good level of development leads to an increase in the amount of emotions, the formation of personality However, to control your feelings the baby is still incapable.

Being aware of oneself by gender leads to confinement. Opinion about the world around us is accompanied by fantasies, the identification of oneself as individuals appears. Neither new thoughts, nor feelings the child can understand, does not cope with the child and with numerous new hobbies. All this leads to a five-year-old crisis.

To understand that the baby needs help can be found on several signs:

  • vagaries without cause and tantrums for any reason, disobedience;
  • abrupt change of behavior, aggression;
  • imitation of adults, curving;
  • desire to do everything without adults;
  • desire to give out their fantasies for truth;
  • increased excitability, hyperactivity is replaced by fatigue
  • ;

  • appearance of various fears, confinement;
  • rudeness in communication with peers and seniors;
  • desire to do everything wrong;
  • constant discontent;
  • stubbornness, desire impose your will.

It is impossible to say exactly what amount of time a difficult period will take. For every kid, he’s individual. The crisis could last weeks to a year. And the problem time starts not exactly in 5 years, and later or earlier. It’s also individual.

How to help a toddler at home

First of all it is important not to give in to panic. So it makes sense to realize that such a crisis is an inevitable problem. Parents can make her less painful. Even in such a period there are its pros. The hidden talents of children are beginning to show. Parents will be able to pick up for Chad and themselves fascination.

Educational sections, classes will help to unlock the potential of the baby. It’s very good to ask a child what’s most exciting for him. It is possible to offer something extra to the wishes of the scion. It does not make sense to hope that at such an age children will find worldwide fame, but it will be easier for them to find a vocation later. New acquaintances and the desire to succeed will leave no time for experiences. And the hobby will ease the crisis, teach to achieve the goals.

Parents require maximum patience and a favorable environment, caress and care. Backward annoyance and anger, like a reaction to tantrums, are unacceptable. It will make things worse. No need to respond to vagaries: behave calmly. In the absence of increased attention, the bursts of emotion will soon cease without becoming the norm. It is necessary to find out the reason for discontent of the crumbs after the end

Obligatory care and attention. It is important to maintain a trusting relationship, to play together, to walk. You can’t impede the desire of the kid for independence. It is necessary that on their experience children understood that for them there are still too complicated things and need help to perform the intended. But both sides will delight the executed simple task.

You should not often criticize the kid. He needs a positive assessment. It is worth excluding categoricity. Instead of pressure, it is necessary to explain to the little in the form of a conversation, what cannot be done. It is necessary to talk at the same time. It proves an adult’s friendly disposition and elicits credibility.

Advice of psychologists

If the help of the baby is not required, then it doesn’t make sense. If parents noticed that the baby copes, it is not necessary to suspend it from performance. It’s much better to suggest doing together.

  • Set up against parents can physical penalties. In this case, the child takes offense to everyone around him, grows violent.
  • There’s no point in freaking out and flying children’s fantasy Stories are better composed together. Perhaps in the future a fascinating occupation will grow into a profession.
  • All ideas of crumbs deserve a positive attitude. It is advisable to be interested in his dreams. There’s no point forgetting development and parents. Personal growth will make the time of crisis imperceptible.

It is very good to note the positive qualities of the baby and help him achieve new successes. Be sure in conversation to explain to the child what is bad, which is good. This aspect deserves special attention at the tendency of the crumbs to aggression, fights.

But it makes sense to start learning to think logically, to object without aggression, to formulate your arguments. This will help to further establish communication with others without hysterics.

It’s important that the child doesn’t get bored. In this case, it will not have reasons for confinement and irritability: useful business will not allow to linger negative thoughts in the head.


In a difficult time for everyone to punish and scold a crumb is a big mistake. Persistent and soft communication contribute to the recommendations of psychologists:

  • It is important to maintain the trust of the baby, becoming him a friend and an example. Then the difficult period will become much easier.
  • You cannot ignore a child, only doing their own business.
  • Causeless voice raising, humiliation and forceful impact is unacceptable.
  • It is important to do without notation and teachings, decrees on the superiority of adults.
  • Inadequate behaviour and overt aggression cannot be ignored. There’s no point in delaying help if the kid needs it.

It’s very good to have fun with the kids, play with them, understand their world. It is important for the child to realize that the most important thing for parents is not their career, but their well-being.

The crisis of five years is a major test for adult nerves. Do not give in to pity and strive to establish peace in the house by force. Only calm and friendliness will help maintain a positive mood even with the most unpredictable behavior of Chad.

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