How to survive a breakup with a loved one?


Change the setting. The best thing to do is to go to the sea with girlfriends. There’s always something to do there. You can sunbathe, swim, go to night discos, visit an amusement park, as well as have a spa affair.


Take away all things involving an ex-man. Delete all SMS messages and his phone number so that there are no unpleasant memories. Rip up pictures with his image.


After the breakup there will be plenty of free time You need to do yourself: change your hair or hair color, buy some new outfits, visit the spa. You can watch your favorite TV shows, prepare your favorite food, visit the theater or ballet (not every man is happy to visit these establishments).


It is possible to take up building a career, but do not forget about yourself.


Organize a hen party at home. Girls always like to discuss something new as well as sleep.


Put a fat point for yourself. Life didn’t stop there, it just started.

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