How to surprise a woman in a bed

Preludes before sex When your co-sex

life is in its initial stages, the girl’s surprise in bed can cause the relationship to break down. It is necessary to understand what the partner wants before setting experiments. At the beginning of the journey in order to satisfy your partner, it is better to resort to proven time and millions of men methods.

It is rare to see a woman cold-blooded to tentative weasels. All interest lies in the game itself, in weasels and foreplay, not in the very sexual contact that should result. The game is about mutual tenderness – these can be gentle stroking, light kissing covering a woman’s body.

When a man pays maximum attention to a woman’s body rather than his, the partner begins to feel not a lonely subject of masturbation, but rather, goddess.

Fresh techniques of sex

But what to do when sex becomes or begins to become a planned activity? This is often the case for long – standing partners, for example, couples who have lived together for more than one year.$ The ordinariness of sexual intercourse is not such a small problem, because with this arrangement the possibility of treason and its probability increases significantly.

Hugh Hefner in his 80 years, said: “I have had almost all the Playboy girls, having sex since the age of 14, but not comprehended and a tenth of all his mysteries.” And he’s right. A man claiming absolute knowledge of sex most likely can’t even surprise a woman in bed. Very many men, for example, underestimate the weight and importance of cunnilingus.

This relatively simple reception is able to bring a woman to orgasm and is often much faster than classic sex.

When the problem needs to be solved quickly and effectively, sex commerce comes to the rescue. All old torn toys should be on the dump. Try sex shopping. Head to the intimate shop with your beloved woman. Try to buy her some erotic underwear. If a woman in bed looks good, she and feel will start completely different. In addition to physical satisfaction, she will experience and moral, because in beautiful sexy underwear she will consider herself irresistible and liberated.

Another way to give pleasure in bed to your woman is to say tender words. Try whispering to her ear about your love, how good you are together, what drives you crazy. Such a simple reception sometimes drives women to a frenzy. They realize that you value them, and start trying even harder.

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