How to seduce a man

In the hands of a skillful woman, seduction is capable of provoking the appearance of first sympathy. There are several basic rules of behavior of a woman, having mastered which, it will not be difficult to seduce a man.

Sexuality and femininity in the art of seduction

Men love with eyes, so do not hesitate to show the virtues of their figure. However, it is necessary to do so very carefully so as not to appear accessible. So, instead of a mini skirt it is better to prefer a pencil skirt with a high neckline. And deep neckline should be abandoned altogether, replacing it with a tight sweatshirt with open shoulders.

As brutal as a man may be, it is femininity that he will appreciate in the opposite field. To emphasize your soft nature and seem more fragile and delicate, it is advisable to forget about pants and jeans at least for a while. While the seduction process is in full swing, the wardrobe should consist solely of skirts, dresses and fishnet stockings.

Catching his glance men, is to make an emphasis on any sexual parts of your wardrobe. And relaxed gesture will be very useful, for example, you can touch the finger of his bare sholder or put his foot on the leg.

Sexuality must also manifest itself in the manner of behavior. It is worth practicing in advance and working out a gentle, seductive timbre of voice, as well as the softness and grace of movements. Tonic notes of sexuality should slip even in a smile.

A self-confident woman woman

should remain sexy not only for the specific object of seduction. She must live this, presenting herself with self-esteem and respect. However, it is not necessary to bend the stick, because it is very easy to seem cynical in kind, putting yourself above other people.

Men love confident women, but I do not like arrogant persons.

The ability to have a conversation with a man

Communication is an important part of seduction. To interest a man you need to be able to conduct a conversation, unobtrusively making compliments to the interlocutor. Besides, men value in a woman such quality as the ability to listen. Therefore, it is necessary to show the object of seduction that you are the perfect listener, who is interested in absolutely all his stories. However, do not forget about your inner self. Periodically you need to express your vision on the topic under discussion, but it should be done in a soft form.

At first, the communication should be friendly in nature. It is impossible to show the man his interest in it.

A woman can take initiative and invite the object of seduction to a cup of coffee or call him for some advice. But at the same time the man in no case should guess about sympathy for him, otherwise the interest in the seducer may not arise.

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