How to return the Male Capricog


Trying to return Capricorn, consider that a man should not guess that you want to start a relationship again. If you directly start begging your loved one to forgive you, it will likely show total indifference and inattention towards you. But if you suddenly disappear from his sight, after some time Capricorn will start looking for meetings with you.


Your favorite is in no hurry to call and doesn’t come to you? Think of where you can accidentally meet him. Seeing you flick, he won’t think you were specifically looking for him, but feelings can re-fill his heart. He hasn’t seen you for quite a long time, tried to extinguish the love in himself, and a sudden encounter will make him wonder what can still be returned.


Engage in self-improvement, find some new hobby for yourself, create a different image. When you talk to an ex-partner, he’ll be surprised that you’ve changed for the better during the separation. This could lead to a new round of your relationship.


Talk to your sweetheart’s friends, find out which of them can become your assistant in such a difficult event. The support of acquaintances will not only help you morally, so you will always be aware of the events taking place in the life of your Capricorn.


If the man agreed to try to return the relationship, analyze that in the past he didn’t suit him. Perhaps some of your character traits led to quarrels. If you try to remove the irritants as much as possible, Capricorn will feel that you cherish his love. Try to bring something new into the relationship. In the shower, the man of this sign is a romantic, and he will be pleasantly surprised if you make a love surprise. For example, have your Capricorn dinner by candlelight, he will appreciate your stride. The more similar bright moments appear in your relationship, the stronger Capricorn will attach to you.


Don’t be upset if the man won’t show special emotions first. The representative of this sign is very secretive, so may not take the initiative after reconciliation, taking a wait-and-see position. Try not to overdo it in your attempts to reclaim the relationship, Capricorn doesn’t like obsessions. Pretend not averse to being with him, but don’t get upset if nothing comes out. This approach will satisfy Capricorn, the man will try to fall in love with you. As a result, chasing this goal, he will attach himself to you.

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