How to quit an alcoholic


1 Commit

with the fact that it is no longer possible to force quit drinking your husband. Don’t be one of those wives who continue to live with alcoholics, until the last holding out hope that the husband will eventually form. In addition, pity for a once loved one plays a part. Even if you consider alcoholism a disease, and an alcoholic is a sick person, it should be remembered that a person who does not want to be treated and does not put you in anything does not deserve any sympathy.


Think about your future, how much it will change once you leave your husband. You’ll have far fewer stressful situations, you’ll be able to get on with yourself, spend more time with those people you really care about. Perhaps you can even find a new love and build a family life that has long been dreamed of.


Talk to your husband when he is sober, and tell him all your thoughts. Report your decision, remember all the situations where you had to worry about it, sacrifice your personal time, etc. It will be good if he himself realizes that all this time is only poisoned you life.


Form a divorce. If a man refuses it, threaten him with something. After that, try to appeal to his relatives to help them find the ex-husband new accommodation.


Stop chatting with an ex-spouse once he leaves your home. Change your phone number, set a new lock on the door. Not only do you have to accept the break-up, but also the man himself, who can suddenly think about himself and want to go back. Don’t give him that reason. It should be borne in mind that if he stops drinking and at least a year will wait patiently for your forgiveness, consider giving a man a new chance if deep down you still love him.

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