How to properly kiss a guy

The most important events are always decided in bed. But in order to hit a man and drag him into bed, you need to know how to excite a guy, at whatever distance he is from you, how to attach to yourself a young guy, how to satisfy guy and how to get excited. You can seduce a guy in words, but this kind of arousal quickly passes.

If you are far apart, you can take up virtual weasels. You’ll only do it successfully if you learn all the secrets of communicating with guys. It is very important to know what you can interest a guy, that he can make nice, which most excites men, how to fondle a man with words, how to gently call him. Also there is a video of how to excite a guy. Having mastered a few simple rules, you will be able to have virtual sex. However, remember that arousal without sex is harmful. Get into virtual weasels, write to a man about how good he is and how much you want him. With such words, he will accurately give signs of arousal. You can get excited with the help of a finger. Virtual weasels will help you relieve or reduce arousal at night, and late sex for a guy will be the guarantor of a successful next day.

If you can’t forget the ex-boyfriend, then you can very well live without him. Go online, there you can find a normal guy or film him for the evening. Don’t doubt that you will work out, because it’s much easier for a girl to find a guy for sex.

If your communication is real, you will easily learn how to attach a young guy, getting acquainted with the secrets of relationships for guys. Learn the technique of kissing, because they are the ones that excite your partner the most.

Before you let your kisses go, it is necessary to explore the corners of your man’s body, that is, to determine which places he has are erogenic to a greater extent, and which in less. After all, it is known that not every kiss can excite your boyfriend. To do this, you need to find out which kisses excite him exactly.

What kisses can excite men? There is

no definite answer to this question, as there can be as many kisses as the men themselves on this planet. But there are universal kisses that will help seduce and retain a man. To do this, try to pick up a kissing technique or slightly change it specifically for your choice.

Kiss dry lips

This kiss will help you drive a man mad and calm down before sex. It’s not necessary to kiss him on the lips for that. Swipe dry lips through his cheekbones, forehead, temples. With such actions, your lips examine the naked guy. Experiencing unusual feeling and sensations are helped by small hairs on his face.

Classic kiss on the lips

At first glance, it seems there’s nothing unusual about such a kiss, but it’s not. Want a partner to get excited quickly? Lightly clip his lower lip with your lips and pull on yourself quite a bit. The result will be more effective if it does the same to your upper lip. Also, while kissing, try to touch your tongue to his sky, as the sky is a very sensitive section of the body.

Kisses to erogenous places: ears, neck, nipples, fingers

For starters, you can swipe your lips across his ear or around his ear, slightly bitten with your teeth. Rest assured, this will make him flinch and close his eyes with pleasure. In order to activate the nerve endings, press his earlobe, and then pull it a little bit. A

frank expression and expression of sexual desire is a kiss on the neck – it is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. Kissing a man in the side areas of his neck, move smoothly from his ears and go down. By doing so you will bring the man to the peak of arousal.

If you think women’s nipples are the most sensitive, you’re wrong. It turns out that nipples are a sensitive erogenous zone not only in women. By arousing a man in this way, you can caress his nipples with both a tense tip of the tongue and a completely relaxed tongue. Don’t doubt, such weasels will deliver a man a lot of pleasures.

Fingers are also the erogenous zone of the male. And there’s a way how to excite him, being sure he’ll enjoy it. To do this, you only need to swipe the tip of the tongue between his fingers in the direction of the bottom and to the tip of the finger. To complete this magical process you can squeeze the tip of his finger with your lips. Don’t doubt, the next moment your man will be thrown into shivers from arousal.

Whatever your kiss is, remember that the kiss has no framework or boundaries. Simply kissing a loved one, you show your weasel and boundless love.

The process and technique of stirring kisses

Good kissing is one thing, and to be able to properly and effectively apply kisses to get the desired result is another. The kissing technique itself will be determined according to the mutual preferences of lovers. But there are some tricks a woman can’t do without.

To begin with, you need to determine who will be the “lead” and who is the “lead”. If a woman is in a dominant role, she should hold that position until the end without transferring her powers to a man. Otherwise, the meaning of this “game” will be lost. Include imagination, that is, combine and combine different techniques of kissing. Start with unobtrusive kisses, and then you can move to its erogenous zones.

Use tantalizing kisses. To do that, just touch his lips slightly, and then pull off. Or another option, first kiss him passionately, to the point of insanity, and the next moment just leave like you have some other plans. It will mislead him and he will want a sequel. In this case, it all depends on the woman’s ability to play different roles.

If a guy gets badly aroused, try to be seductive. The result of seduction will depend not only on the kiss, but also on the image of the woman herself. You have to look nice and fashionable in front of a guy. Pick up your laundry that your man can’t resist. Massage a young man, and then apply seductive kisses. One option for such a kiss is when you kiss and caress a man’s lower lip. The

kisses themselves are a great variety. Some are a clear manifestation of your passion and arousal, and others will be so gentle, being a manifestation of pure romance and genuine love. It is the kiss that shows the man how much the woman loves him.

These simple rules will help you not only find, but also attach the perfect guy to yourself.

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