How to live with an alcoholic husb


Alcohol opens the dark sides of a person’s character: anger, aggressiveness, hatred. Spending money on booze, and sometimes taking away the last money from the family, a person impregnates not only his soul, but also the souls of his loved ones. A woman living with an alcoholic husband determines for herself the reasons for her existence with him. Some are left unhinged, others pity, others dream of correcting the husband, fourth try to keep the family because of the children.


A family in which the chief breadwinner and the miner is an alcoholic becomes dependent on his constipation. The husband starts drinking, the wife develops depression, the children are stressed. Therefore, alcoholism can safely be called a family disease.


Some wives of alcoholics sincerely believe that they have the power to correct the situation in the family. But experience shows that one is incapable of changing by coercion. He can only change if he himself comes to such a desire. And the increased control over the behavior of an alcoholic, constant ditching of him in the guest and on people can only aggravate the situation. After all, the drinker is sure that he uses alcohol, because he wants it, and when he stops wanting, he will stop drinking.


How to live with an alcoholic husband? First, don’t blame yourself for his ailment. More humor – less self-flagellation, otherwise you can get bogged down in depression. One should not control every move of a husband and babysit him like a small one. From that he won’t stop drinking.


Do not provoke conflicts if in a drunken state your husband is aggressive. Don’t pounce on it with your fists, perhaps more effective will be cold indifference. Don’t indulge your husband if he has a severe hangover. Your only help can lie only with a bottle of mineral water and a pill of aspirin.


Take any attention to the husband when he is sober. Try to organize your free time – invite him to a movie or a football game. Let him feel happy sober, it is better not to react to the drunk at all. You can set penalties – he drinks today, you don’t cook him today and don’t wash.


If the husband has a responsible job, give him the opportunity to fully rest at home, even from household chores. If, conversely, he is haunted by career setbacks, support him, convince that he is the best you are without him going nowhere. Let him be indispensable to you at home.



great lesson will be for an alcoholic showing a video recorded during his drunken exits. Save it and threaten to send it to all friends and family if it happens again. Perhaps this method will work in your family.



not call your husband an alcoholic, especially with people. You can privately talk to him about the fact that he really has a problem – it’s lingering stress that he dumbens with alcohol. At the same time, you can unobtrusively advise him the phone of an excellent psychologist, defaulting about his specialization of a narcologist.

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