How to give up a wedding at the last moment

Reasons for breakup

Wedding may be upset due to the breakdown in relationships and loss of mutual understanding between young people. Frequent quarrels, treason are the cause of the breakup. The desire to cancel the wedding may be present with one of the parties or be a mutual decision.

Think about your decision

Before breaking such news to your second half, and then all the relatives invited to the wedding need to think about, weigh all the pros and cons, assess the severity of the problem. Perhaps such a desire is only a temporary phenomenon, and when the storm settles, everything will fall into place. You don’t have to make hasty decisions that you regret afterwards. Everyone takes part in the preparation for the wedding: parents, friends themselves young. It will be frustrating for everyone to know that such an event is cancelled at the very last moment, when a limo, cake, dress and rings are ordered.

To say that the wedding is cancelled

If the refusal of the wedding is a considered and considered decision, it is necessary to make it dignified and openly. It is unacceptable to transmit your decision through third parties. It is necessary to tell about everything as soon as possible to procrastinate no longer makes sense. It is better to choose a peaceful environment for this. The first person to know that the wedding is being cancelled must be the bride or groom. Such a decision should be reported at a personal meeting and certainly take care of the arguments explaining the reason. Perhaps, during an eye-to-eye conversation without outsiders, it will be possible to find a compromise, to explain. The bride may refuse the wedding due to simple excitement. This event she waited a lifetime, mentally scrolling in her head how things should go, what dress would be. Not always when preparing for a wedding, things go smoothly. Due to the minor problems that have arisen, stress can come the desire to cancel everything and do without celebration. In such a moment of despair, it is necessary to calm and lead the bride in feelings, to say that everything will be fine and at the highest level, as she dreamed.

Settling the situation

Excitement isn’t the worst reason for abandoning a wedding. Finding out unpleasant facts from a bride’s or groom’s past can serve not just as a reason for abandoning the wedding, but also breaking up. This situation is doubly hurtful because too many people have become eyewitnesses to sad events. In addition to having to heal the mental wounds, it will be necessary to explain with the invitees and wedding organizers. The party, which is the initiator of the cancellation of the wedding, must take all the trouble of resolving the current situation: it will be necessary to refuse services of the registry office, photographer, restaurant, hairdresser.

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