How to deal with humority


Most often women suffer from domestic rudeness. Husbands consider it possible to tear down on them anger for their failures at work, for disrespect of friends, and even for losing their favorite team. Most often, this behavior comes from childhood, the child saw how dad communicates with his mother, and adopted this manner. Fighting the rudeness of the spouse is quite difficult, but quite real.


The first thing a woman whose husband allows herself to hame – clearly put him in place. To say firmly that you do not allow this attitude to yourself. That you will only talk to your husband if he is respectful of you. In no way is it worth crying or shouting muck in response. The house ham achieves an emotional reaction, he waits for it and is used to it. Break patterns, act like an adult reasonable person. Show that you are above trashy. That’s the only way you can put a raging spouse in place.


If the ham is not complacent and continues to offend – leave the premises for a time. Let him have time to think, to think about your words. Perhaps he will come to the conclusion that he does not like living with a strong woman, and will want to find a weak partner who will shamelessly tear down all his bullying. But more likely, if a man loves you, and rudeness for him is not a common state, but a fluke, he will draw the right conclusions. And will splash out the anger in the gym, not on the woman you love.


If rudeness degenerated into domestic terror – don’t stay with such a man. Remaking it is unlikely to work. And it is not the fact that getting better, he will not occasionally return to his previous manner of behavior in the family. This is especially dangerous if in the house children who soak up like a sponge everything said and made by parents. Therefore, find the strength to end this relationship and go to find a worthy partner who will appreciate and respect you.

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