How to coquet

How to coquette properly?

Real flirtatiousness is always as natural as flirtatious women are volatile, charming, promising, but at the same time they can lose interest, keep their fans at a distance and excite their hearts with smiles and languid looks.

Clever flirtatiousness, not irritating a man with its inappropriateness, is not inherent to everyone. However, if you put a little strength, this skill can be mastered.

Do not forget about flirtatiousness by successfully marrying. Flirtatiousness is a great way to remind even the best husband that you are not easy prey.

It is not for nothing that they say that the best form of flirtatiousness is its absence. Be as natural as possible. The chatter, the susyukanya, the gummy grimaces are frightening to annoy even the most reserved men. But natural gestures, light playfulness, on the contrary, look very attractive.

Rate yourself as sober as possible. Grumbling or gumming combined with an inappropriate appearance cause mockery. The same goes for flirtatious behavior that doesn’t match your age. It’s quite difficult to take seriously a thirty year old woman who builds a sixteen-year-old gymnast out of herself.

It’s not worth playing all the gates at once. Concentrate all your efforts on one man, don’t smile at all in a row, it can deprive you of any attention.

Coquette, but do not flirt If you

have the idea to crack the nerves of a man (that is, be late, do not come to a meeting, ignore calls and texts, show boredom in his society), not worth flirting with. Of course, this way you can break up a man, but in the same way you can hurt his pride or humiliate him, otherwise he goes in search of another woman. So alternate periods of boredom and arrogance and tenderness and care. Just don’t do it too evenly.

Don’t be predictable, never answer directly. Operate the concepts of “maybe”, “probably”, “I’ll think”. Insecurity and slight anxiety contribute to a man’s more careful attitude towards you. Besides, so he will appreciate the moments when you show tenderness and care.

Never bring a man to white potency with his impermanence. It may not end very well.

Note that men often use exactly the same arsenal of funds. After showering you with flowers, gifts and attention, a man can suddenly abyss. And then already you will be nervous, waiting and going crazy with love and jealousy. At the right moment, a smart man will appear on your horizon with a new set of bouquets and gifts. And then he will be able to draw the ropes out of you and turn you as he pleases.

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