How to bring a woman to orgasm

Female orgasm — what is it?

Orgasm is the highest degree of sexual enjoyment. But men and women are arranged differently. And if for the former it is a stable completion of intercourse, for the latter it is more than that. It is

much easier for a man to achieve orgasm, because the erogenous zones at him are located compact. Therefore, exposure in a more or less right direction will quickly lead to the desired result.

Female orgasm is harder than male both physically and psychologically. Sexual arousal proceeds more diverse and individual than in men.

Many women don’t start to have orgasm with their first sexual experience. This can be explained by ignorance of one’s erotic reactions and one’s body in principle. Also, some women of the beautiful sex first have some psychological inhibitions, and they need time to get loose.

Women have more varieties of orgasm than men. Many clearly distinguish between clitorical and vaginal orgasms. According to scientists, about 70% of women claim that vaginal orgasm is most pleasant because it covers the whole body. But some only reach peak enjoyment with additional stimulation of the clitoris.

The peculiarity of women is their capacity for multiple orgasm. Immediately after one wave, a woman may experience the second and third, while men after ejaculation do not respond to sexual stimulation and have no desire to further have sex.

There are some effective tips on how to bring a woman to orgasm and make a man a hero. After all, such an attentive and sensual partner will be appreciated by anyone.

Make a woman nice? Easy!

Starting sex is always necessary with foreplay. It will ensure that the girl is emotionally, psychologically and physically ready for intercourse. In this case, the main thing is not to rush. Don’t try rather to move on to sex. Caress the woman’s body with love and tenderly until you feel that she is ready.

There’s a lovely way to bring a girl to orgasm. It’s oral sex. Many women assure that it is only through cunnilingus that they reach orgasm.

The man himself has to take pleasure in the process. Slowly descend, bite and suck a woman’s genitals. By the reaction of her body, it will be clear that she will like it better.

You can also apply stimulation with your fingers. Fold your index and middle finger together and drive them around the clitoris. Another hand can caress the girl’s body. Listen to her moans. So you will understand which actions bring your favorite pleasure and which do not.

If orgasm hasn’t happened yet, you can try stimulating point G. Go down with your fingers from the clitoris and slowly penetrate them into the vagina.

When your fingers are inside, move them to the 11:00 position. Carefully look for a small bulge or a bedrock. Stimulate it needs patting movements, but carefully and quickly. You can gently press it like a bell button.

One must remember: female orgasm is achievable, but here the work of both partners is important. Alone pleasure can only be given to yourself.

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