How to behave with a male scorpion


Male Scorpions are highly demanding intellectually and to buddies, and as a companion of life to them definitely I want to see an erudite person. Therefore, if you want to like Scorpion and then keep it to yourself, enrich your vocabulary, read more, abandon the use of slang and learn how to write SMS messages to your to a man without mistakes.


Scorpions are not attracted to people with understated self-esteem. Of course, they will not, like schoolchildren, bully them, but they will not want to do with them. A woman next to Scorpio must love herself and not look at a man from top to bottom.


Male Scorpions tend to work hard and hold a high profile in society. They cherish their position, try to perform everything on their conscience and know that they are good specialists. Yet even the self-confident Scorpion has bouts of depression and disbelief in himself. And the girl at this point should support the man, return his faith in his powers and pull out of despair. Scorpion would later be very grateful to her.


Scorpions are highly impulsive. Sometimes in the heat of the argument they can be intolerant, allow themselves incorrect statements, are able to offend the interlocutor, what they regret afterwards. Scorpio’s ideal companion should be able to keep sober mind in such situations and ascertain his partner in time.


Generally, Scorpions are fine lovers. They adore women. The outfit you’re about to go on a date in can be quite frank — the man of this zodiac sign will like the cleavage and stockings in the net. Scorpionov is not attracted to the image of a wife-mother who will take care of and care of him. A passionate and sensual girl who loves sex as much as he does — that’s what he wants to see in bed.

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