How to be with a guy if theres a rival in 2017


Find out what your chances are. If your rival is in a close enough relationship with a guy who interests you, it is not worth breaking the established couple and spoiling someone else’s affair. When the situation with another girl is still at the stage of flirting or even less serious stage, act.


Analyze the situation. It’s important to gather information about a young person and a girl who can stand between you. Try to learn how they communicate, what unites them in order to objectively assess the placement of forces.


Define your strengths. Find out what distinguishes you from your opponent and will help you stand out before the object of your sympathy from the best side. Use your own pros to conquer the heart of a young man.


Try to close with a guy you like. Surely you have common ground and common hobbies. Use them to find common ground with a young person.


Do not show your jealousy in front of a man, even if you are very worried about your rival. You need to prove yourself as a self-confident girl. Otherwise, your doubts about your own attractiveness and feminine charm can become noticeable to the guy, and the impression of you can spoil.


Do not conflict with a rival openly. Be wiser. By feuding you can negatively affect a young person’s opinion of you. The best strategy is to act as if the other girl is not, but keep in your mind what distinguishes you favorably from her.


Keep calm if a rival appeared on the horizon of your serious relationship with a guy. By scandals and jealousy you will only push your beloved away from yourself. Keep showing your partner love, respect and weasel.


Learn to find in any situation pros. The appearance of an unlucky opponent can shake up your relationship and add to them sharpness. Besides, you can understand your feelings for a young man. Perhaps you will realize that more than anything you fear losing your loved one, or, conversely, find yourself indifferently watching him try to get away because you don’t care.


Lose beautifully. Do not take revenge on a guy and a girl if a rival ruined your couple or your plans to create it. Remember, things happen for a reason. So this young man wasn’t meant for you. And if you lost a guy because of a girl in your affair, then the man’s feelings weren’t real.

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