How to be a mans friend


Friendship is a complex relationship system. Friends communicate, help each other, spend time together and enjoy it. Friendship does not tolerate envy, lies, intrigues and gossip, as it is built on trust and understanding. At the same time, each of the friends has their own life, including personal. You shouldn’t forget that by communicating with a male friend.


Build friendships by having common interests. It’s hard to get close to a person if you have different tastes and preferences. But it’s possible to become best friends if you both love football or get into Van Gogh’s work. Also friendships between a man and a woman can arise while studying, or if you are work colleagues. If two families are friends, there is also a place for different friendship.


There shouldn’t be a drop of flirtation in friendship with a man – remember this rule. Flirting is communication that conceals a sexual interest that friendship does not tolerate. If you feel that you have no friendly interest in a man, if he attracts you sexually, rest assured that your friendship will soon come to an end. Similarly, pay attention to male behavior – a friend should see a person in you, not a woman. Although if you are both single, or either of you recently pulled out of a relationship, then friendship can be a strong foundation for forging a love union.


If you are interested in maintaining a friendship with a man, you should respect his interests, not laugh at him in the presence of outsiders, praise and rejoice for him when he has something and be around if something unpleasant has happened in his life. Be natural, sincere and stay yourself.


Whatever anyone says, a male friend can sometimes just be irreplaceable. If you don’t have a second half, he can ask for male help around the house, he can protect you in a masculine way, if necessary, he won’t envy you and let gossip about you like women do it.

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