How to be a good wife and mistres


Be tolerable. Don’t get hot on the trifles and take some moments of family life with ease. One difference between a man and a woman is that a male representative doesn’t pay attention to some details and looks at life in large scale. At the same time, the girl does not understand how it is possible to be so inconsiderate and insensitive, and resents her partner. Don’t spoil your marriage with your husband’s picky.


Learn to understand your spouse. Love is not all it takes for a beautiful relationship yet. On understanding the motives of a man, knowledge of what is happening in his life, in his thoughts, real family happiness is built. The problem is how to get your loved one to share their thoughts, doubts, expectations, fears, dreams with you. Don’t torture him, don’t hurt the man with questions. Prove to him that you are willing to accept all his faults, show that you can be trusted, and be frank with your spouse yourself. In such a calm trusting atmosphere, your spouse will start telling you more.


Pay attention to the intimate side of your family life. Regular sex is an important part of a successful relationship. To be good in bed both your partner and you, try to relax, do not be afraid to talk about your desires and strive for the satisfaction of your spouse. Don’t let the worries of everyday life, business and fatigue distance you from each other. Remember that sometimes you should take the initiative. Your activity will help you support the sexual side of your family life at the height.


Appreciate what you have. Some girls, having been married, start dreaming of something more. When the first passion passed, the husband’s attention began to be taken for granted, the impression may be given that your union with your spouse is not so successful. That feeling may be false. Sometimes you can appreciate the dignity of the person next to you, you can lose it. Don’t miss the love of your life.

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