How to be a good girlfriend


Be able to rejoice for a friend. You may be angry at other people’s successes while your business isn’t going very, but when a friend tells you she’s been promoted at work and the spouse plans to give her a birthday car, you owe it please along with a person dear to you.


Be a good listener. Even if the friend for the tenth time complains about the self-dust-chief, she needs to be listened to and, if possible, give advice. Obviously, the situation in the office really strains her, since she talks about this problem all the time. Consider that one day a nuisance may happen to you too, which you will repeatedly and in every detail paint to this girl.



‘t try to develop telepathic abilities in girlfriend. If you’re offended or upset, say it straight, not wait for her to guess. If you, after going through a breakup with a boyfriend, called a friend all day in search of sympathy, and she forgot the phone at home, you shouldn’t be furious to scream that you’ve all been betrayed. Although this situation is unpleasant, but the friend could not know that you would have trouble, and for sure she was upset that she could not give you support.


Many people have some perfect best friend image in their heads. Burying it deeper and do not try on an already existing person with his established character. The perfect best friend is honest and good, he is always ready to come to the rescue, he will find an answer to the offender, will have mercy on you with the guy, will spend a closed party, fix the laptop and will be in touch 24 hours a day to be able to find out how your doing. Real people in life have their interests and needs, they are busy, sick or simply stay in a bad mood.


Respect yourself. Be an interesting personality, constantly broaden your horizons. A friend should not only feel your support and enjoy it. Good girlfriends should be mutually fun and interesting to communicate. And then your friendship lasts for years.

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