How much love lives

How much love will live

Is it possible to love a native and close person over time? Love your child? Or your parents? No! Because that love won’t change over a lifetime. So why isn’t it always the case with the opposite sex? And all because people confuse sexual attraction and desire with spiritual intimacy. In love, people besides sublime feelings experience attraction and passion for each other. It is this feeling that has been changed over the years. People change, get older, sexual preferences and attitudes about life change. That is why mad passion and is replaced over time by measured relationships. And as for feelings in the event that they are truly real, they remain the same in any life situation. If a few years after starting a relationship you suddenly realize that your love has already died, know that you never really loved that person. You could have different feelings for him, but you can’t call them love.

The passion, often confused with love, fades away after a couple of years. It is really being replaced by habit. It is the fading of passion that people often mistake for deceased love.

What Scholars Love Say About

Love Includes Two Types: The First Type Is Love Up to Shivering in the Knees, in This Case the person simply does not control himself, and becomes obsessed with the object of love. Often such love is short-lived, because it is ruled by hormones. The second type includes love, accompanied by warmth, such feelings arise mainly at the very first fall in love.

Only love that arises and grows gradually has a lasting character. Typically, such love is lasting, and it can be called love “for life”.

How many people had to fall in love once and for life? After all, there are many examples of unquenchable love from life. When the best friend, having married and kind of quite safely, continues to love Sashka from the 11th “A”. Here in this case we are talking about the first love, which for many and becomes the last. It turns out that in marriage they only allow themselves to love. And that unrequited love experienced by them in their youth does not compare with what they have today. Of course, they are easy and comfortable with the person, both sexual, and emotional side of the relationship seems to suit, but there is no euphoria, the impulse that should be and make the heart beat violently , from which you want to cry and laugh at the same time. At that point, it seems that the whole world is only made for two.

Romantic love lasts from 18 months to three years, scientists claim. Over time, love takes on a new kind of relationship, such as affection and respect. But is that really the case? If the neighbor guy loves the girl from the entrance for 10 years, starting, for example, from the first class?

It’s probably stupid to try to understand love in terms of science. After all, love is a feeling that cannot be explained in any way.

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