How girls see guys


First, appearance. In order to look handsome in a girl’s eyes, it’s not necessary to have DiCaprio’s face and Stallone’s figure. Male beauty in masculinity and in the ability to follow his appearance. Clean hair, neat clothes that go to you, trimmed nails and stuffed shoes – here are the basics of the guy’s beauty.


Second, posture. The attractive guy is the one who walks straightening and raising his head high. The girl’s views hold up on such. A man with proper, straight posture and firm gait gives the impression of self-confidence. Girls prefer self-confident guys.


Third, a look. Girls first rate not the merits of your figure, but the “mirror of the soul” – eyes. A direct, calm, clear look in the eye can speak without words. It is also the main sign of interest and attention. It’s not worth looking at a girl with a experiencing, stuttering, pugly, brazen, angry stare. So you certainly won’t draw sympathy from her.


Fourth, smile. Smile is not just a mark of attention, but also an expression of your inner state. In the girl’s eyes, the smiling guy looks happy, ready for relaxed communication. A smile almost always triggers a return smile.


Fifth, physical form. Naturally, in the eyes of girls more attractive looking guys who watch their body are in good physical shape. Guys like that are good defenders, behind them like behind a stone wall.

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