How girls move in with guys


Traditionally girls move to live with a guy, although in modern society another option is possible when a guy comes on girl’s territory. In both cases, this is a very difficult step that can both strengthen and destroy relationships.


Before you move to live with a guy, it’s worth considering what it will give. Whether you both have the desire to start a family or you have quite frequent meetings. Think about the fact that you will come to foreign territory. It’s especially important to break your head over this issue if the guy lives with the parents. Perhaps older relatives are not very eager to increase the composition of the family, they are accustomed to the established life and do not want to let extra people into the apartment. In this case, you will have problems, you will have to resolve conflicts all the time.


If a guy lives alone or his relatives adore you and don’t mind moving, try to spend a week at a new place. Do not carry all things at once, take the essentials. During the time spent in the same dwelling, you will understand whether you are comfortable with this person to eat, sleep, spend evenings. Whether it is tidy in the household, whether it helps to clean, cook. All this is very important, as if you find reasons for irritation in a week, then they will only get worse.


If everything suits you, you are easy and comfortable together, transport your belongings. Ask to allocate you a separate closet so as not to dig into the common pile. Take your favorite little things – plush toy, vase, photos. They will help you feel more comfortable in an as-yet-unaccustomed environment.


Remember, sharing is the solution of two. This benefits the couple rather than one of the partners. In case the guy says that having moved, you will have to do everything around the house in gratitude for living, don’t agree. You are not a housekeeper, but a full partner in a couple. Offer to split all the duties in half, let everyone choose their most favorite affairs and be responsible for their execution.

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