How at the very beginning of a date to understand that in front of you is a “soulmate”?

Who are the “halves” and the dangerous relationship with them

 “Lamb” or “halves” consider the family union in terms of commodity and monetary relations. As a rule, the financial division in such couples begins with the proposal to pay equally for the entire general life — utilities, products, entertainment, vacation. Some women, inspired by European values of gender equality, embrace these rules of the game. Although, in part of the division of chores around the house, the “soulmate” may not be so principled and willingly agree if the companion of life takes on all the housework.

But the unsightly side of the relationship with such a man opens at the first financial difficulties. Pregnancy, illness, decree or any other cause of disability will have no effect on the distribution of a woman’s contribution to the overall budget. The “halver” will agree to keep her only in debt, while he will conduct strict control of all expenses and demand a refund at the earliest opportunity. On his part there may be reproaches and insults from – for financial insolvency: “nahlebnytsia”, “dependency”, “kolanka”.

Women who become dependent on such men are deprived of their maternity payments, child allowances, their last savings and have to literally flee to work despite the small child or health problems. Subsequently, they have to pay debts to their own husbands or cohabitants for several more years.

By his behavior, the “halver” devalues any form of relationship in the pair except monetary. He can “magnanimously” write off part of the debt due to sex, performing some duties for it or expanding the scope of his freedom. For example, such a man will tell his wife that he will not come home to spend the night, and she does not have the right to reproach him because he does not work.

When the relationship with the “half” has gone too far, it will no longer be possible to get out of them without loss. In fact, disturbing calls in the behavior of a man can be noticed at the beginning of the acquaintance. Then it will be possible to avoid disappointment and regrets about wasted time.

How to recognize the “half” on a date

Suspicion of the man “half” can already be on the first date. To do this, it is enough to look at his behavior and words. For example, he may come to a meeting without flowers and joke that he is not ready to spend right away as he is not sure of continuing acquaintance.

The money issue for such men is a sick topic, so they may in one way or another constantly address it when communicating. The girl should be wary of talking about female mercantiality, complaints about financial difficulties, confessions of non-payment of child support from past relationships. If a new acquaintance is pathetic and little money on himself, then he is hardly willing to spend on a wife or children.

Very often the “halver” is covered by European values, chanting women’s independence and self-sufficiency. He was adamant that he had no obligation to support anyone, despises “dependents” and “content”. On the contrary, can proudly tell a new acquaintance how his mom selflessly dragged everything on herself.

In addition, any service or request for help is perceived by him in the format “what will be for me”. “Half-man” welcomes the relationship on barter, so I agree, for example, to help a girl with a flowed tap only in exchange for a delicious dinner.

In the conversations and behavior of such a man, it is easy to notice pettiness and unjustified greed. Whether it’s stories about the chocolate spent on the girl, or experiences about the gifts left with the ex-wife after the breakup.

Well, of course, the apotheosis of a date with a typical “halver” would be the offer to split the bill. As an option, it can pay for everything with the prerequisite that next time you’ll pay for it too. In general, the division into “your” and “mine” will be traced back to his behavior constantly. For example, if you find yourself in a store, it will pay at the checkout only its purchases, tacitly offering to take care of itself.

Of course, it is not incongruous for a woman to pay for her own spending. Even more so if her financial situation is stable and secure. Here only in relations with the “half” this way will be lost in advance. On the basis of material independence, you will get a greed, alphonse and a halaviator, with which even your favorite work will turn into mandatory hard labor without the right to rest or fatigue.

Already on the first date, a man should understand that you are not satisfied with this format of a relationship. And it can either reconsider its approach to allocating finances or continue to find the perfect partner already without your involvement.

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